Starcraft 2: Epic Terran vs Terran Matchup, Constant Action & Great Strategies

This is a truly epic battle between two Pro Terran players. This game just goes on and on and has so much action I had to do a post on it. The players are Morrow and Select and it's casted by HD. This game showcases some great Terran vs Terran strategies and is well worth the watch.

Diamond Gamer, in-game strategy guide

The part I really want to focus on is the beginning of the matchup. One Terran opts for some quick Reapers out of a proxy Barracks while the other does a standard Terran build order. You'll notice that even though it looks cool and makes some kill, the early Reaper harass doesn't really pay off that well.

Both players have around the same income when it's finished, but Morrow ends up with a bigger army because he just focuses on building Barracks and getting Marines to defend.

The harassing Terran then gets a Banshee out and this is what keeps him in the game. He is able to pin down Morrow and keep all his forces back in his base to avoid losing all his SCV's. This gives him a chance to get Tanks and an army out to defend himself.

Harassing your opponent can be very effective but it is also very risky. If you fail you could end up losing the game immediately. It also requires and extreme amount of APM and concentration, so if you're just learning how to play Terran, I wouldn't suggest trying to harass your opponent. Instead work on your macro and building a big army.

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