Buy Rift REX cheaper

You might be wondering how you can Buy Rift REX cheaper then what you would buy from Trion directly, but it's an amazing trick, which is relatively cheap.

Essentially, there are 2 ways to get a Rift subscription. You can either buy a subscription directly from Trion, or you can sell Platinum in the game, buy Rift REX, and then use the credits to purchase a 30 day subscription. It will take 2 Rift REX, which will cost you anywhere from 1900 to 2100 Platinum, which is in turn about $12 from a trusted Rift Platinum selling site, or $15 from Trion.

Want to add the 4 new souls to your account, you will need to spend 5000 credits, which equals about 4 Rift REX. Now if you are spending dollars, then a Rift REX will cost you about $40. Not too bad, but it's possible to get it for about $25. We do this manipulation by purchasing Platinum from a trusted Rift Platinum selling site. Since the minimum is 5000 plat for $30, this comes to a price of $6 per 1k platinum.

Buy Rift REX cheaper

You might have noticed a pattern by now. If you haven't, then let me spell it out for you. It's much more cheaper, to purchase from a trusted Rift Platinum selling site, then to purchase directly from Trion. THIS is what allows you to Buy Rift REX cheaper.

So now, you might be asking yourself, will this affect the Rift economy? Well the answer, is both yes, and no. You see in order to get you the Rift Platinum, the sellers need to bot the Rift platinum.  They no longer hand farm, so this means they list the farmed items on the Auction House, and have to keep lowering the prices to sell items. This in turn means that you will see lower prices for some items, mostly leather, herbs, and mining materials. All other items tend to be vendored and will have no bearing on the game's economy. Will this negatively affect people? Well, if you were going to farm the materials to sell yourself, spending countless hours doing it, yes. But if you were farming Rift platinum, then no, because Rift Platinum is easier and faster to farm in instances.

Buy Rift REX cheaper

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