Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty

Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty

There comes a time when Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty becomes a must. If you aren't a patron, and plan to play Rift for the forseeable future, then you need to unlock the AH. The AH is a must for anyone who plays Rift, as it not only allows you to sell your items easier to other players, but also allows you more playing time, as you don't need to sit in chat for several hours hocking your wares.

Buying Cheaper Rift LoyaltyBut the question comes back to how can you be Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty? First off, you need 1500 Loyalty to unlock the AH. Most people will just save 1100-1300 plat for when they can purchase a REX off of someone and then use this to unlock it. This method means that you won't be able to unlock it till level 50 at bare minimum, which means playing to 50 without it's usage.

Of course if you have a friend who does have it unlocked, you have have that friend list everything for you. I have actually cleared out the Guild Bank by having someone do that for me. I had purchased 3 guild bank slots and was attempting to open the 4th, but was short on plat for it. Having the friend auction everything off was an easy way to do it. The problem for most people is knowing someone who will sell their stuff and not keep the monies. The guy I had do it, I have known online for a good 15 years, but others aren't so lucky.

The last way is a bit unconventional, but works just as well, if not a bit cheaper, which means you can get your AH access quicker as well. This method, will save you 100 to 300 rift platinum, so maybe you can purchase enough loyalty by level 40 or 45.

Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty Instructions

To open the AH, it should cost you about 900 plat using this Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty method, but if you are more ruthless in your endeavors, you might be able to bring the price down a bit further.

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