Dream Weaver Guide – Rift

Rift Dream Weaver Guide

The new Dream Weaver crafting profession is now live, as such, it’s time to share this Rift Dream Weaver Guide. I am sure you will be able to tell from the recipes that the most important thing to have is Dream Ribbons. These are the items you get, when you salvage Artifacts. Already when the game was released, some enterprising people had stacks of Dream Ribbon up on the Auction House. On Greybriar, the prices for these items were going for about 1.35 rift platinum per unit.

Rift Dream Weaver Guide

Dream Weaver is a new craft coming to Rift which came with the 2.6 update on February 12th, 2014. Dream Weaving requires you to salvage artifacts into Dream Ribbons. When starting, you will receive 1 Dream Ribbon for a white artifact, 2 for a green artifact, 5 for a blue artifact, 20 for an epic artifact, and 50 for a relic artifact. As your skill increases, this number roughly doubles. You don’t get skill points in Dream Weaving for salvaging artifacts, which means to maximize the quantity you get, you will need to level the skill up with crafting.

To get started as a Dream Weaver, you’ll need to head to Tempest Bay and talk to Reva Song the Dream Weaver trainer who can be found in the Canals area next to the NPC who sells dimension keys (if you are less then level 50, you can have a guild member summon you with a rally flag, if you don’t have the Tempest Bay Insignia which allows you to teleport there). You’ll also need a free tradeskill slot. Dream Weaving, unfortunately, takes up one of our non-freebie tradeskill slots. Because of this, Trion will be has increased the amount of total extensions players can purchase in the RIFT Store to up to 7, totaling 10. A tradeskill slot will cost 1200 credits on the Rift store, or about $10 (or about 1k platinum if buying REX).

Buy Rift Platinum

After picking up the Dream Weaver skill, you’ll gain the ability to salvage artifacts. Breaking them down results in Dream Ribbons. Dream Ribbons are the main raw material you’ll need to create the items a Dream Weaver can make. Other raw materials that are used include wood, cloth, ore, plants, leather, and fish. As of right now, the only items that can be salvaged from artifacts are the Dream Ribbons. Dimension items cannot be salvaged. In the future, dimension items may also be able to be broken down into raw materials (however this is not implemented as of Feb 2014)

There are a few restrcitions for salvaging artifacts. Artifacts that respawn very frequently in the game world such as the Meridian/Sanctum artifacts cannot be salvaged. Trion is also going to be adjusting some of the drop rates for especially common artifacts such as the critter tears. Fishing artifacts will also be able to be salvaged – but this could change later on.

To craft items using the Dream Weaver skill, you’ll need to be near a Dream Focus. You can find one directly next to Reva Song. You also get a pretty cool item for completing her first crafting quest– a Dream Focus. This is a dimension item you can use inside a dimension to create a crafting station of your very own. As you gain levels as a Dream Weaver, you’ll be able to learn new recipes including ones for new dimension furnishings, new dimension keys, and new item enchants called Dream Orbs.


Dream Weaver Guide - DREAM FOCUS

Once you have created your Dream Focus, you will be able to purchase the next 2 Dream Weaver recipes from Reva Song. These are the Plain Red Pillow and Candle Fire. from there it’s just a matter of leveling and learning.


Dream Weaver Guide - >PLAIN RED PILLOW


Dream Weaver Guide - CANDLEFIRE


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