Faster Rift Leveling tweak

I just realized last night, I could achieve a Faster Rift Leveling experience, above my Rift Leveling Guide - tweaking it, to make it even faster. I told you all before, I have been playing Rift since the beginning. It was a game that took over for me, when I got banned in WoW for the final time. Mind you I did get the account back after a year, and still have it to this day, but I just don't play it, so enamored with Rift.

Faster Rift Leveling tweak

Faster Rift Leveling

I already have 4 level 65's. I hit 64 last night (was 53 a couple days ago). After this, I have one more character I need to level to 65 (4 Defiant, 2 Guardian). It will take me 1-2 days to do it with my Rift Leveling Guide (it's in it's 50s now, so a day saved). I actually have another character slot open, but I keep that for doing a Rift exploit during special events.

So by now, hopefully you already read my Rift Leveling Guide, it's 1-65 and depending on the time you invest, might take you upto 4 days of dedicated leveling. It's part of this guide which I am going to change a hair, since last night I made a major discovery on leveling speed from 50-65 to make for Faster Rift Leveling.

Faster Rift Leveling Instructions

You might be looking at the screenshots above and wondering why I have a pet. I realized I didn't have a solo leveling build (needed while I was out hunting/healing for spouse who is 65), which is one in which you have a tanking pet. I made it last night. I will probably end up tweaking it a bit more, since while it can hit for about 65k at level 65, it's mostly just a damage build. I already have an AoE damage build, and will likely put more points into healing, so that it will be a healing-support and pet build. So not Over Powered at this time - but it will get there. If you want me to share my final tweaks, I can... lmk.

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