Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks – Rift

These Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks are meant for the free2play game Rift. I am currently level 70 on my main character and on my other 6, 65. In other words, I have been playing long enough to level 7 characters to 65 - I love this game, and making it free has not diminished my views. If you're planning to come into the game, given the choice, I recommend US servers, simply because they are more active than EU. But the choice is ultimately yours.

Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks

Forged in Flame Tips and TricksBecause at least one of these Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks is more of an exploit, I am reserving a few tricks for our VIP members. I have shared builds and spell rotations in the past with you, but these will be secret. They will be below the tips I have listed below.

Alright, first off lets start with the fastest way to level from 65-70. Gold story quests, all the way up. It will take you a few days of leveling, if you have any XP boosts, only use them when you know you have a quest which demands killing mobs. If you have one which calls for running around - which there are plenty of, then it's going to be a slow process and won't net you anything out of the XP boost.

As you level, you'll notice that you now have 2 versions of spells. Normal, and legendary. You will get a total of 5 spells you can make legendary from 65-70. One you do, they are bound that way, so be careful which ones you choose. Your build will be set from level 60, and some of them will seem worse, some better. I admit I made a mistake on my Rogue Saboteur build and made my one and only finisher a instant cast. This made me have to use a Tactician Finisher move, but the problem with this lies in that it's not an instant cast with a cooldown, it's a slow to cast move which takes down my DPS.

There are 2 new features to the game. We now have additional Intrepid Adventures and now also have Rift (Fire and Nature) Adventures. If you have a guild quest which requires closing Rifts, do the latter. Otherwise stick with either the original Instant Adventures (good for opening maps in classic worlds) or Intrepid, which is good for completing IA's faster. The weekly quest to complete 30 IAs, should be done on Intrepids, to complete them faster. The Daily Quest (out of Alittu) to kill a Rift Lord, should be done on the Rift Adventures.

Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks

So here's that promised area with some tricks for our would be adventurers. There's nothing hugely exploitive here, nothing which warrents you picking up a subscription if you don't already have one to this site. In other words, there's nothing to see here, move along.

Sell them on the AH, and collect massive amounts of plat to then buy REX with. Then, if you want, sell credits - or spend them, unlocking everything in the game. I spoke with someone who admitted to using the above list to buy 2 REX daily. That means he's farming 5000 plat a day with it!

You can also buy up cheap artifacts and use your Dream Weaver ability to break them down. Pay no more than 30 gold per artifact on the AH, break them down, then sell Dream Ribbon on the AH. Alternatively, you can also buy Dream Bolts, and then break them down to Dream Ribbons, selling them. For example, 1 Dream Bolt sells for 10plat, 1 Dream Ribbon sells for 13 gold. So if the Dream Ribbon is selling for 13 gold, I can make 3 plat simply by breaking and flipping.

Don't forget, if you aren't already playing the game, you can click this link, to play for free. So tell me, did these Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks meet or beat your expectations? Write a comment down below and let us know.

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