Free Rift CDKey + Expansion + 30 Days Game Time


Raptr is giving away these keys, for anyone who plays and keeps the Raptr program open. But I gotta be honest here - I don't need another account. I have 3 already! So, in the spirit of sharing, I am going to give away these keys to someone who can use them. One will goto a member on this site, and one will goto a Facebook follower.  If you aren't a member of this site, or you don't want to follow us on Facebook, you can always try to get a free key yourself by going to Raptr's site. However I have to warn you, you will need to be "Experienced" in the game. This means you will need several hours of game time.

Here's a tip, which will allow you to gain 14+ hours of game time a day, without playing...


2 Responses to Free Rift CDKey + Expansion + 30 Days Game Time

  1. Andrei says:

    hello can you give me one key please. I’m a player since 2 months now and i really enjoy this game but do not have money to spend on a key at them moment :(. My e-mail address is . Thank you and have a really nice weekend.

  2. blackheart says:

    The game is now free 2 play. The extra souls which you can purchase, can also be purchased from farming platinum and buying REX from someone. You will need 950 to 1250 platinum to get a REX. This will also allow you to use the Auction House and some other features.

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