Free Rift Mount Tutorial

Your First Rift Mount, Free Rift Mountdoesn't need to cost you any plat, which is hard in the beginning to collect anyways. Playing without a mount slows down the game, but having one, albeit a slow one, still speeds the game up immensely. This simple tutorial will teach you how to get a new 60% Rift Mount costing you nothing, which can be used and gained on all new characters on your account.

Buy Rift Plat

In order to get your first Rift Mount, for free, you will need to download and install Razer Comms. Once you do that, enter the email you registered with on Razer Comms, into the following page. Once you do that, you will get a code sent to your email. This code can then be placed in your account by going to Rift's Redemption page.

From this code, you will get 2 items sent to you via in-game mail. The first will be a unique Razor Cape. The second will be a Brown Chestnut Horse Rift Mount.

If you happen to have a Razer Naga, or if you want to purchase one, then you can get an additional code, which will give you an exclusive minion, non-combat companion, and some other goodies.

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