Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level Trick

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level

Goto Gorboro Reef Any LevelIn order to Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level, you of course need to level to get out of the starter areas. It's also a good idea to do the first few quests so that you can get Soul Recall and the Poral Waypoint. This takes me about 20 minutes at level 1 to get out and get the quests. You don't have to get the Soul Recall, but getting home will be nigh impossible unless you can get someone to summon you (I made that mistake last night trying this out).

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Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level

So once you exit the starter area, and grab your portal and Soul Recall, you will need to level to 10.  You can level faster, if you have Patron Status. Just pop an XP potion and with the bonus XP will get you to level 10 within 20 mins. Without being level 10, you might not be able to get to Gorboro Reef. I tested this out, but was level 10 when I left the starter area, so didn't check if this can be done at level 1 or 6.

Bonus Tip: To get Patron status cheaper, Buy Rift Platinum, then use it to buy REX. This is cheaper then buying REX directly from Trion. When you have the Platinum in game, offer to buy REX. You can exchange 1050-1100 platinum for 1 REX.

rift-endeavorThe next step to Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level, is to get to the "Wreck of the Endeavor", (see image on left). This is a neutral area between Freemarch and Silverwood. The coordinates are 6385,4060 (see map below), then talk to "Tirhin Vohonar" and tell him to take you to "Shores of Terror". Tirhin Vohonar is not on the ship, but rather to the west, on land with a group of other people there.

Once you get to the Shores of Terror, you can then leave the shores by taking the blue portal directly behind where you enter. You will now be teleported into Goboro Reef where you can now que for instant adventures with level 61's. You won't get much XP from the Quests, but you can now explore and level in a new area.

Bonus Trick: Join Instant Adventure, to instant level to 61+. Swim to town and do daily quests instead of Instant Adventure. You will have to repeat the steps every 45 minutes or so, as you might get booted from the IA group otherwise.

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level

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