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onslaught defense guide

onslaught defense guideIn this Onslaught Defense Guide, you will learn how to effectively defend an Onslaught as a daily quest, for any area you choose to defend. The first Onslaught Defensive that we were introduced to, came into being on Ember Isle. This Onslaught Defense was also held in place and added into Storm Legion in both Brevane and Duskin. It's a great way to earn some extra Planarite, earn Notoriety, and even level up.

In order to properly do the Onslaught Defense, a little pre-planning is needed first. The first thing you want to do, is to ensure that you also have any daily quest which asks you to kill X amount of planar mobs in the zone. This quest type is called Planar Invaders: <zone-name>.This will allow you to "Kill 2 birds with one stone", or rather complete more than one daily quest at a time, and also building up your Notoriety. In some zones, there are more than one quest of this type. While Silverwood does not have an Onslaught Defense, it does have 3 different quests which each ask you to kill X Planar mobs. By taking all 3 quests, we build Notoriety 3 fold. So make sure you check around the zone you plan to do the Onslaught Defense on, to see if it's possible to get more than one quest at a time.

Onslaught Defense Guide

onslaught defense guideOnce you gain all possible quests for Planar Invaders, it's time to move on to the next part of the Onslaught Defense Guide. It's key to remember to NOT take the quest to start the Onslaught Defense Quest, until you are ready to begin the fight. You won't be ready until you prep the area.

onslaught defense guideIn order to prep the area of the Onslaught Defense, you are going to need Planar Charges. For this you can use your built-in charges, your Planar Charge Ability (1 charge per 24 hours), and your 3 saved charges (if you bought them with Planarite). You can also close Rifts to gain more Planar Charges.

The first thing you want to prep with, is to build your Lifesprings. I like to maximize at least 2 Lifesprings, so I can stand in the middle of them and fight, keeping mobs off them, as they will have more health, and also provide me with the maximum possible healing. The next thing we do, is build on our cannons. We want at least 2 upgrades on the cannons for our Onslaught Defense, if you can maximize them all the way to level 4, then do so. It will help in our defense. We want to only set these up, in areas we can defend.

onslaught defense guideDo not build on the Barrier Relay (sometimes called Barrier Relay, sometimes called something else - I will refer to it as Barrier Relay for the intent of this guide) is you have to defend. Doing so, will send mobs your way, whether you are ready for them or not. Also, the higher the level, the stronger the mobs. You will see stronger bosses the more this is built up for defenses. If you are soloing the Onslaught Defense quest, then you want to leave it at level 1.

Once we have these all in place, it's time to take the Onslaught Defense daily quest. The quest will start the Onslaught. Try to keep the mobs off the item you need to defend, as well as your Lifeprings. The Lifesprings are your primary defense, the Barrier Relay your second, and finally the cannons is your 3rd defense priority. If a cannon looks like it's going to go down, but your Barrier Relay is also looking weak, save the Barrier Relay. If your Barrier Relay looks like it needs some health to stay up, let it go down, but prevent the mobs from creating a new foothold. Now if your Lifesprings are about to go down, heal them. You can do this with the Nexus Infusion skill. I know I this seems contrary to the defense of the Barrier Relay, but if you die, you fail and will need to clear the area or abandon the quest.

onslaught defense guideWhen the Onslaught Defense Invasions stop, now is the time to build one time on your Barrier Relay or to restore it with your Nexus Infusion ability. This will cause more Planar Invasions to start up again. Warning! Doing so, will make make the enemies stronger and come more often. Since you tend to run out of invasions around your 15th clearing, you can pick and choose the remaining 5 or so invasions to wipe out. Remember to defend your Lifesprings primarily. This will keep you alive.

If you want to see a list of where each of the Onslaught Defense Quests are located, and the rewards they offer, click here.

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