Play Rift? Learn the Easy Patron Trick

If you Play Rift, then there is a little Patron trick I was hoping to teach some of you. You see, I still play it, along with ESO and Armored Warfare. But alas, this trick is about whether or not you Play Rift, not those other games. If you haven't tried it, but want to, then click here, to download Rift.

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If you Play Rift...

... then you should already know something about what I am going to say here, about Rift. A REX (Rift Exchange) a tradeable currency costs about 2400 plat. It takes 2 of these to get 30 days of play time. Personally I buy them up, and stick them in my bank, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks of farming plat, which means I play for upto 2 weeks, to get 1 month of Patron time. Patron time in turn gives me an easier time to farm more plat, as well as get some added benefits.

Still Play Rift - Close Hunter Rifts without RaidsSo if I buy plat off of a trusted gold selling site, I am going to pay about $27 for 5k plat, which again is 2 REX, which is 30 days of play time. But this trick will allow you to instead buy 30 days of play time for $7.50, and become a patron the easy way. Once you get your patron status, you will have an easier time farming up plat or whatever you want to do in the game. 

If you buy credits to pay for 1 month of Patron time, you will have to spend $30, to get 2 months. So about $15 a month. If you instead were to pay for a year, you can pay $132 for 12 months or about $11 a month. My trick however is how to get 1 month for about $7.50. This is easily the best deal, cheaper then plat purchases, cheaper then buy credits, or even outright patron time right off the website. So how did I do it? I bought 30 days to Play Rift here.

 Tip: Use promo code G2 to save 3% off the purchase price 

By the way, you can also get time here for other popular games as well, including World of Warcraft and many others. I urge you to check it out.

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