REX Farming in Rift

REX Farming in Rift in actually fairly easy - if you know the proper techniques. For example, just doing 60 minutes of daily quests on one level 65, I could have enough to buy 1 REX in 2 weeks. Since you essentially need 2 REX to get Patron status, this would mean 1 month of 1 hour daily farming. It should be noted that I am basing this on the current rate of 1900-2300 plat per REX on US servers. I know that on EU servers that the cost of REX is fluctuating at the moment, getting harder to farm.

Rift Leveling Guide

REX Farming in Rift

So let's get down to some basics of REX Farming in Rift. Every day, I like to do a few daily quests. These are fast! Do your Manugo League Manugo quests. There are 3, 1 in Tarken Glacier for 40 Manugo games, one in Darugheim for 30 Manugo games, and 1 in Goroborro Reef for 20 Manugo games. This will net you 10 plat daily (comes out to more, but you need to account for using the portals).

REX Farming

Next, I goto Brevane, specifically to K'Rom fortress Ashora. If you have mining, butchering, and herb/wood gathering, there are 6 quests to turn in for farming mats. Farm any of these types of items in the area for 10 mins, and turn in your quests. That's 15 plat. Sell the other farmed mats on the AH adds another 2-5 plat.

The Fishing Quest in either Tempest Bay or Draugheim will net you 5 plat, and includes the items in the rewards bag. The fish, you can try to sell on the AH, or convert to food and also try or just vendor - your choice.

While you're doing all of that, queue for dungeons. DPS are a dime a dozen. Learn to Tank, Heal, or if nothing else, Support. Those will get you in a lot faster. Do the dungeons, farm mats when you can, and greed roll on items except for malformed souls, which you can skip. Sell non-bop items on AH, and bop items to vendor. That will be an additional 5-10 plat, and takes out 5-7 mins of your normal farming time.

When you get to higher level areas, in the Planes of Water, you will can farm herbs and mining. Take 15 mins to do this, choose your favorite area. Thalasite and Sarleaf sell for about 1 plat each. If you can farm 50 of each - easily possible in the right areas, that will be an additional 100 plat daily. Don't do more then that, we don't want to flood the market, bringing the prices down too low.
I didn't mention butchering here. Why? because the market is flooded with them now - someone likes to overfarm them... avoid mobs when farming Thalasite and Sarleaf. Put them to sleep, in jail, squirrel them, or have a pet tank attack them, drawing agro, so you can collect herbs and mines.

If you do everything I just told you to farm plat, then you will be able to use this to do your REX Farming in Rift. At 140 plat daily, for 60 minutes of your time, you should be able to net 1 REX every 2 weeks.

... and now, I have some additional tips for our VIP members which will allow you to farm even more plat for REX Farming, much quicker!

Do all of these things, and you will be doing your REX farming, so much faster (and VIP members, faster still).

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