Rift: 1-60 Solo & Group Leveling Build & Guide


This is the build which I ran, to level from 1-60, and most of it solo leveling. However this can also be run in groups, dungeons, or with a friend. While it’s not super over-powered, I have been able to solo most mobs, and some elites. Best of all, you don’t need any of the expanded souls, so you can level up all the way to 60 with this, even if you are playing completely for free.

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Focus first on Ranger, then the Assassin tree, when you start to run out of places to put points, place in Riftstalker tree. We go with Ranger for the ranged attacks and pet to tank for you. The Assassin tree is going to give you bonuses to damage as well as close combat fighting, and then perma-stealth with a repeatable use health “potion”. The Riftstalker tree to start, is only going to give you a small warp ability, but at 57 or so, it will also give you a health regen spell. This will be useful in PvE. 


You will use the boar, and in later levels the Greater Boar, to tank while you use your abilities.

Spell rotation (interjecting heal pet as needed)

  1. Shadow Fire, Piercing Shot, Splinter Shot, Ace ShotHead Shot
  2. 5x Quick ShotHead Shot
  3. 5x Quick ShotHead Shot
  4. If mob isn’t dead, rinse/repeat from step 1 again.

rift-rogueBuffs: Feral Instincts, Planebound Resilience, Leeching Poison, Lethal PoisonSpirit of the Wilderness

If Low on health, Enduring Brew for emergencies + Health Potions as needed.

Groups of mobs, Trick Shot (2-3) & Rain of Arrows (4+)

Avoiding death: Escape ArtistShadow Shift, Divert Rage, Fleeting Instincts and run away

Interrupts: Blinding PowderFoul Play

Close Combat: Expose WeaknessPuncture, 5x Savage StrikeGuarded Steel

If pet dies, Hasten Call, Call: Greater RazorbeastDivert Rage

In groups with a tank, use Call: Blood Raptor pet instead. If no tank, continue to use your Boar.

If you are grabbing artifacts,  mines, wood, or herbs, use Stealth & Incapacitate. If near a mob which can detect stealthed characters, click on Elusiveness while stealthed, then Incapacitate from behind.

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