Rift: Auction House Listing Tip

Are you having trouble listing items on the Auction House, even though you have more then enough supposed loyalty to list items? They say you need 1500 Loyalty. I ran into this problem, with my 130k loyalty. Couldn't list any item. This is what I learned about what you need to do, to list items on the AH.

Buy Rift Platinum

Trion claims that this is to battle gold farmers, but really I think it's just so that they can get you to spend at least $5 in their store. You see, there is no in-game item which can be purchased which will get you enough loyalty to list on the AH. Even if someone sells you something in game for platinum, these items cannot gain you the ability to list items on the AH.


All you need to do, is open the Rift Store, in-game (located in bottom left part of screen -see image above). Once open, in the upper right of the Rift Store at the Home Screen, you will see some items to grab. You need to grab the item named Loyalty. One purchase off the Store, will also allow to get enough Loyalty to gain the right to list items on the AH.


As for my stupidity, I thought it would be best to leave the crap in there that I had no intention of grabbing, to avoid the clutter of all these items. Not being able to list on the AH was a bit annoying - in part because I have some 300-400 artifacts I need to list, now that we have a large population explosion.

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