Rift Budgie Mount Walkthrough


Rift Budgie Mount WalkthroughIf you’ve begun the Rift Budgie Mount Event, you might have noticed something sad. Its that you cannot get a Budgie mount, doing the dailies. This is because the event is a Rift Store Event. Now what the intention is, is that you will farm the Birdseed, gather your 210 seeds per character (takes 5-10 mins per day), and also get dropped an additional 6-9 birdseed from the Budgie Lockboxes.  So if you purchase a Budgie Lockbox, even if you do not get the mount right away, eventually, you will be able to get it, because you will also be gaining birdseed each time you open one.

However, since you need a total of 850 seeds, AND you can only get approximately 210-350 from the event, this means you will be shy about 600-640 seeds to get the Rift Budgie Mount. If we take the average of 7.5 seeds per Budgie Lockbox gained, then you are going to need to open 80 lockboxes to be GUARANTEED a mount. However, by the time you open 80 Budgie Lockboxes, there is a good chance that you will gain the mount anyways. Purchasing credits via the Rift Store to get 80 boxes, will run you about $300. 

Interestingly, there are 2 different color schemed mounts. There is the one which can be gained from the Budgie Lockboxes, and then there is the one which can be purchased with the usage of seeds. So if you want to get both mounts, you will need to purchase those 80 Lockboxes, and hope for the mount to drop, and then also get one via the sale of seeds.

Rift Budgie Mount Walkthrough Video

Quick Notes on Rift Budgie Mount:

  • 3 Daily quests – Each awards 10x [Bird Seed] (Soulbound)
  • Event lasts for 6-7 days, this means a maximum of either 180 or 210x [Bird Seed]
  • Rift Budgie Mount Walkthrough2 Budgie mounts available, one from lock boxes and one from 850x [Bird Seed]
  • You won’t be guarenteed to get a Budgie Amount without spending credits
  • First day you do all three of the Budgie races you get a free [Limited Edition: Budgie Trove] which for the 5-10 minutes it takes you is well worth it
  • Unless you want to spend credits/IRL money, there is no point doing the dailys more than once
  • [Bird Seed] are soulbound.
  • Budgie Lockbox (from the achievement award) are soulbound.

Where are the Rift Budgie Mount dailys located?

  • Cape Jule daily is located just outside Tulan
  • Kingdom of Pelladane daily is located just outside Tuldio Retreat
  • Sanctum daily (Guardians only) is located just outside Sanctum
  • Meridian daily (Defiant only) is located just outside Meridian

Rift Budgie Mount Event Quote:

Quote Dagler on Reddit…

As this is a Promo event – we’ll be running it again in the future. I’d suggest holding onto your bird seed.

We also specifically called it a Promo Event based on player feedback from mech week – and we’ll be converting mech week over to use this new UI / branding in the future as well.

Rift Budgie Mount Walkthrough

Official Announcement For Budgie Mount

As this IS a cheat site, you might be wondering “Is there a cheat to getting the mount?” Unfortunately, at this time, I have not found one, however…

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