Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes

Rift Butchering 240-285

Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes is easily doneRift Butchering 240-285, if you have a high level character. If you don't, then this is going to take you a bit longer. At my level, I can smoke these level 50 mobs down as a pack, but it's entirely possible to take them on at lower levels, one at a time. But solo at 42 is achievable with a good DPS build, or a build with a tanking pet.

Why am I doing this at high level? Well there is a secret I learned from my Chinese power leveling partners, it's faster to level a character, then level up the professions, then it is to level professions while leveling your character. So level up your character, then go back and level your professions. On this character, mine are Foraging, Butchering, and Mining. 

Rift Butchering 240-285

I used to see bots farming a particular spot in Shimmersand. They would farm these cat-like mobs, and run around, racing to the next skinning mob. I used to group with them, and leach XP. Now, those bots are gone.  The funny part about all this, is that they missed an awesome spot also in Shimmersand, where they would have been able to farm 5x more hides, just by using this alternative Rift Butchering 240-285 spot. 

The first thing to know about this Rift Butchering 240-285 spot, is that you will be fighting level 50 mobs. You can take them on one at a time, or as a pack, I do the pack at high level, but you could also use this at a lower level, to level up from around 42-50 quickly as well. There are 3 spots, within about 50 meters of each other, which will spawn some skin-able mobs. By the time you finish one batch, the next one will spawn, and the next after that, allowing you to hop from spawn pack to spawn pack quickly.

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