Rift Fishing Guide – Storm Legion Updated

Rift Fishing Guide - Storm Legion Updated

The first thing you need to understand about Rift Fishing, is that it is in no way as easy as any other profession to level. In most other professions, you simply do the hardest level, and are able to level 1 point per completed craft. For Rift Fishing, it takes a lot longer to level. If you are Rift Fishing at your level, it takes about 10 successful catches, to gain a point. This means that on average you will catch over 3500 Fish, before you max out your Rift Fishing skill.

Unlike most Rift Fishing guides, this guide is updated for both Storm Legion, and the lowering of the Iron Pine Peaks level requirements.

Rift Fishing Guide

guide written by Spitt of mmoexploiters.com

Buy Rift Gold - No in-game spamming!To begin Rift Fishing, you will need to visit a trainer. There are plenty of trainers, often around a body of water in any starting zone. For starter Defiants, you can visit with Palometa in Freemarch. Guardians can speak with Molly Graysby in Silverwood. Anyone else, can goto Meridian, Sanctum, or even Tempest Bay to find a trainer.

Once you learn fishing, you will be given a basic fishing pole. You should drag your fishing pole over to a quick slot. I usually like to scroll down a couple bars, so that I am on bar 3, and then I put my fishing pole in the #1 slot. What this allows me to do, is to quickly recast. I hit 1, then left click on my mouse, and right click when I see the fishing indicator. The reason I prefer to click on one, rather then moving my mouse to click a button, is that I am able to keep my mouse in a small area when fishing. This in turn allows me to keep hovering over a pool of fish if I find one.

Schools of Fish

There are 5 different kinds of Pools of Fish. Each of them have their usefulness, once you understand what each of them do. The 5 choices are School of Fish, School of Clever Fish, School of Rare Fish, Sunken Boat, and School of Strangely Mutated Fish.

Rift Fishing

School of Fish, is probably the best all around Rift Fishing pool to use. It will allow you to always catch a fish, no matter if you are using a lure or not. The fish is generally a common fish (white), but there is a chance at an uncommon and a rare fish. I like to fish at these, when I am doing the Fishing Derby quest.

Rift Fishing

 School of Rare Fish, will always allow you to catch an uncommon or rare fish. Again, you do not need a fishing lure, to catch one of these fish. I like to catch these up, for the chance at picking up notoriety raising fish.

Rift Fishing

School of Clever Fish, are probably the most useful pools when you are leveling your Rift Fishing. They will allow you to gain one skill point, for every successful catch. While the fish are more often then not uncommon, when raising your fishing skill, these schools should be the most sought after. It is quite possible to level 1-375 with less then 500 catches, if you only fish in these fishing pools.

Rift Fishing

Sunken Boat is one of the last kind of fishing pools. If you are using the quick fish method, you will be able to gather no more then 2 catches from this pool. However the items are either going to be dimension items or artifacts. This makes for a very valuable fishing pool to fish from.

School of Mutated Fish - I have not yet come across a school of Mutated Fish, so I do not know what is inside it, nor what makes it special.


Rift Fishing Indicators

There are 4 types of fishing indicators. These will tell you if you are fishing in a school of fish; are too close/far away/on land; fishing in shallow water; or fishing in deep water. Each of these are useful in the sense that knowing what they mean will allow you to quickly determine where you want to fish.

Rift Fishing

You can't Fish here

Rift Fishing

school of fish

Rift Fishing

fishing in shallow water

Rift Fishing

Fishing in deep water

Where to Fish

When you start Rift Fishing, you will start in either Freemarch or in Silverwood. As you begin to level, it will become harder and harder to level up, so moving to another area, is imperative. Just as you level up your character levels, so should you level up your Rift Fishing levels. This means you start in Freemarch, and then goto Stonefield. Or you start in Silverwood and then goto Gloamwood. If you aren't sure, then you can follow this handy reference:

  • Freemarch and Silverwood – 1 skill
  • Stonefield and Gloamwood – 40 skill
  • Stonefield River (close to sawmill/Iron Pine Peaks pass) - 60 skill
  • Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach – 90 skill
  • Lake of Solace and Iron Pine Peaks - 120 skill
  • Moonshade and Droughtlands - 150 skill
    • While it's possible to level and skill up in the Droughtlands tar pits, it's advised that you do not use a lure here. All you will fish up is gray items, even with lures.
  • Shimmersand and Stillmoor -210 skill
  • Ember Isle – 240 skill
  • Brevane, Duskin, and Tempest Bay (level 50-59 areas) - 270 skill
  • The Dendrome, Steppes of Infinity, and Ashora - 300 skill

*Note: Fishing in schools of fish, will up the skill requirement by 5 in which ever zone you are in.

Rift Fishing Lures

Rift Fishing Guide - Storm Legion UpdatedThere are so many different types of Rift Fishing Lures, but they come down to 3 basic types.

  1. General lure (improves your overall chance of catching interesting things). This lure is called Irresistible Water Snail (10 charges) and can be crafted using 2 of the fish caught in the low level areas: 1 Smooth Minnow and 1 Forest Pondleaper. The lure can also drop from chests obtained by turning in fish at the exchange NPC in each area.
  2. Fish lure (improves your chance of catching better aquatic animals). These have various names and will allow you to catch one or more different types of fish. Some of them are only good in certain areas, for certain kinds of fish.
  3. Artifact lure (improves your chance of catching artifacts). 

Rift Fishing Repeatable Quests

There are various repeatable quests which will gain you either Notoriety with the various Rift factions, or dimensional items. These dimensional items can then also be sold on the Auction House, however the average price for these is around 1 plat to 3 plat. If you aren't building up your own dimension, it's usually a good idea to sell the fish, or turn them in for notoriety. If you turn them in for notoriety, you will gain 50 points per faction.

Whether you want the chest, rep, or patterns here is a list of what fish you will need, how many, and where to find them.
(credit to Durnes and Purgwolf for this information)

  1. Arcane Hand (Lantern Hook, Droughtlands): Droughtlands Puffer x5 – Desert Greenlings x5 – Aestivating Nautilus x 12
  2. Dragonslayer Covenant ((Fortune’s Shore, Shimmersand): Sand Nautilus x5 – Powdernose Crab x5
  3. Eternal City Survivors (Tulan, Cape Jule): Coldflare Octopus x6 – Kraken Hatchling x6
  4. Farclan *Guardian* (Fort Zarnost, EmberIsle): Ash Shark x5 – Amphibious Jelly x 5
  5. Freemarch Wardens *Defiant* (Kelari Refuge, Freemarch): Deep March Eel x12 – Normal-Eyed Guppy x12
  6. Gloamwood Waykeepers *Guardian* (Gloamwood Pines, Gloamwood): Gloam Eel x12 – Indigoby x12
  7. Granite Fall*Defiant* (Granite Falls, Stonefield): Fantail x 12, Cascadefish x12
  8. Icewatch (Chancel of Labors, Iron Pine Peak): Icebiter x5 – Coldwater Seabug x12 – Glacier Octopus x5
  9. Iron Claw Trappers *Guardian* (Kain’s Command, Scarwood Reach): Scarwood Crystalfish x5
  10. Kelari Expedition *Defiant* (Talos Landing, Ember Isle): Ash Shark x5 – Amphibious Jelly x 5
  11. Necropolis Caretakers (Tulido Rereat, Kingdom of Pelladane): Dusken Eel x6 – Emerald Flycatcher x6
  12. Order of Mathos (Zereph’s Return, Stillmoor): Stillmoor Devil x5 – Moorleaper x5
  13. Quary Rats *Defiant* (Scarwood Lift Base, Scarlet Gorge): Electric Dragonfish x5
  14. Quary Rats *Guardian* (Crimson Wash, Scarlet Gorge): Electric Dragonfish x5
  15. Quicksilver College *Guardian* (Quicksilver College, Silverwood): Silverwood Angel x12 – Silverwood Devil x 12
  16. Red Scar Trackers *Defiant* (Perspice, Scarwood Reach): Scarwood Crystalfish x5
  17. The Keepers (Ember Watch, Ember Isle): Ash Shark x5 – Amphibious Jelly x 5
  18. The Runeguard (Reclaimer’s Hold, Moonshade Highlands): Grassland Pondleaper x5 – Whalefish x5

Rift Fishing Dimension Items

Dimension items can either be gained from fishing them up directly from Sunken Boats, in Chests, or from doing Rift Fishing Daily Quests. Each of the following zones, contain the following items.

Moonshade Highlands

  • Long Workbench
  • Blue Floating Sailing Ship
  • Flowering Cherry Tree

Brevane & Dusken

  • Brevane Chair
  • Ferry
  • Table with Plates
  • Brevane Amphora
  • Green Worldstrangler Root
  • Storm Legion Banner
  • Bahmi Tamble
  • Desk Scale
  • Enormous Log Bridge
  • Fishing Boat
  • Long Brevane Bench
  • Round Flesh Rug


  • Blue Stone Chair
  • Eth Crystal Shrin
  • Turquoise Outcrop

Ember Isle

  • Ember Isle Giant Palm
  • Ember Isle Rock Tower
  • Kelari River Barge
  • Old Round Table
  • Kelari Chair
  • Ember Isle Overgrown Garden


  • Defiant Warship
  • Kelari Vase
  • Shop Sign


  • Rowboat
  • Sword Gravestone
  • Wood Casket

Iron Pine Peak

  • Slender Iron Candelabra
  • Snowy Iron Pine Log
  • Snowy Rowboat
  • Lacy Elven Table
  • Snowy Pointed Rock
  • Sturdy Mahogany Chair

Scarlet Gorge

  • Patterned Urn
  • Curved Wood Table

Scarwood Reach

  • Dead Scarwood Sapling
  • Red Elven Bed
  • Floating Crate


  • Clump of Shimmersand Palms
  • Leviathan Skull
  • Red Pedestal
  • River Barge
  • Spiked Cart
  • Striped Bahmi Chair


  • Red Dwarven Chair
  • Tall Weeping Willow
  • Octagonal Dwarven Chair


  • Elven Table
  • Giant Mushroom Cap
  • Small blue Rowboat
  • Three Tiered Idol
  • Wooden Stand
  • Small Juniper


  • Graveyard Tower
  • Small Slender Tree
  • Stone Pedestal

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