Rift Fishing Guide and Area Locator

Rift FishingRift Fishing is a little bit like most other games, except that you won’t need any moving of the pole this and that way, and you don’t need to click on a bobber. There have been some bots released, which will do the work for you, but since I have had some fun fishing, I decided to share this guide with you instead.

Fishing in Rift involves crafting fishing poles and lures to fish in various lakes and bodies of water found through-out Telera, Brevane, and Duskin to gain fishing materials. Rift Fishing materials are often different types of fish found in these areas. These fish can be crafted into lures which will ensure you don’t grab throw away (grey) loot. You need a Fishing pole to do Rift Fishing and is currently the only tradeskill to require a tool in order to use it. However to be fair, other crafting tradeskills do require benches located in cities to do the crafting. Rift Fishing is required by the Survival tradeskill. and it is currently the only profession to use the materials you gain from fishing.

Those with the Rift Fishing skill, will increase their skill simply by fishing at various bodies of water. The below list shows when you can learn/gather the item by level and where it is located. Also listed are the recipes learned to create better poles and lures.

Tip: Like other gathering tradeskills you can make a lot of money by selling fished items in the Auction House. You should compare the price of the raw materials to the finished to see which you will make more money off of, however you will often sell more raw materials then finished products (unless they are gained from rare recipes).This content is for members only.


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