Rift Free Weekend

So yesterday, Trion decided to offer a free weekend as a prelude to the game going F2P on June 12. So when I logged into the servers at 1am PST, let me say how surprised I was, that there were a lot of new players. Now there is a limitation on the level under normal circumstances to level 20, but this being a free weekend, coupled with the giveaway via raptr, this could be an indication that Rift will return stronger then ever.

They also sent out some requests for people to try the next patch on their PTS (private test server). Their promise was to refund all the money you spend as credits, and give you bonus credits. I presume this is to see how popular some items will be.

Anyways, I am back to playing Rift on Greybriar (PVE). My friend Zaber (of Deadly Alliance) will be inviting all my Rift friends – just ask for an invite. I will log on on occasion and I would guess a lot more over the summer since I am expecting 3 days off each week.

BTW for anyone interested, here is a free ISBoxer 30 day key: 4ab4a269cac33358fa965ab9a17412ae

please comment if you grab the key, so people do not try to grab it, if it’s used already


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