Rift Frog Fog Licking Fun

Rift Frog Fog Licking Fun is by no means something that is hard to do, it's just an interesting thing which you can do, and gain a buff, which lasts around 60 seconds. All you have to do, is find a frog critter, and then lick it, lick it again, and keep on licking it. Target the frog, then /lick in the chat, to gain a buff.

Mind you the person who reported being able to do this, claimed to have licked said frog, 1000 times. We have not verified this number, but you can be sure that we are working on achieving this - but not counting our way to get the most out of Rift Frog Fog Licking Fun.

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Rift Frog Fog Licking Fun Screenshot

Rift Frog Fog Licking Fun

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