Rift: Leveling Tips 1-60

I am writing this, because this came up with my leveling crew. They thought that leveling 50-60, was like leveling 1-50 in Rift. It's not. In fact, leveling 50-60 has to be done in a different manner then leveling 1-50.

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For 1-50, it's faster to level via Instant Adventure. It doesn't matter what level you are, but the early areas are fastest as there will be more people playing. Once you hit level 50 however, instant adventuring, even in high level areas isn't as fast. Without at least 3-4 people helping you level in instant adventure, it's slow. And you can't do it in the low level areas, because the difference in exp is enormous.

The way to level fast in Rift, from 50-60 is through questing. Questing is made for 1-2 people and you can level in the same level content, or slightly ahead of your character if you have an over-powered build. Most of course won't have this however. Because of this, you have to remember to level in the higher level areas.

However, please keep in mind that when you do level 50-60, in the higher levels, with your DPS build (because healing/tanking/support isn't made for this), if you can find a friend to help you level, you will still go a bit faster.

One other thing, as you solo level, remember that it won't take a few days to level 50-60. By all calculations when you solo quest, it should take a minimum of 5 days, if not 7-9 days (or more depending upon the time allotted to play). How does this help you? It will tell you that you aren't doing something wrong, if you don't level quickly.

You can however have a friend help you while you quest, if they are higher level then you. Just have them lower their level to 1-2 below yours, so that you get the bulk of the exp, and have them help you kill mobs. This will ensure that you level the fastest speed possible.

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