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Trion has announced that they will be changing Rift to a free-to-play model starting June 12th. All I can say, is that it's about time! Should have done this a year ago (too bad I left the game 3 months ago though...). They will also be introducing a new area called Dendrome. The information about that zone are a bit sketchy at this point however...

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Subscribers soon to be called Patrons will keep all that they have earned, including owning 6 character slots per server, and all 5 bag slots. Free-to-play players will instead get 2 character slots and 3 bag slots.

It has not yet been announced what the subscription price will change to. However it's a good idea to cancel your subscription if you are currently paying for a subscription. The only difference between a patron, are the following differences; Patrons, receive special bonuses to currency, mount speed, various types of experience, and more! Both F2P and Patrons will both get access to all the content to date, including leveling to 60 and all the dungeons. The only thing which F2P players will not get is access to the expansion souls.

It should be noted that F2P users will be able to purchase the extra souls and possibly the extra bag or character space via the in-game store.


One thing I did find interesting was that they will be introducing an in-game currency which can be purchased for real money, called Rex. Now this actually bothers me a bit because they mention about the store that the game will not be pay2win, but with the introduction of a currency you can buy for real money, and use in the store, gift, or trade to others, this makes it so that users will be able to pay for others to run them through dungeons and get guaranteed drops. So if you pay for the Rex, you can in turn trade it for platinum in the game. Again this makes it pay2win. Basically, it sounds like they are taking a lesser stance and allowing pay2win type features, which before were limited to those who bought platinum on the open market. They do say it's in an effort to reduce gold farmers from messing up the economy, but just as it happened in Diablo 3, it's likely to be cheaper on a RMT website, then in the game. This will still f*** with the economy, and usually in the worst possible way.

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