Rift: Overpowered 26k DPS Ranged and Melee Warrior Build

Rift WarriorAfter I found the Rogue overpowered build, for maximum DPS, I began searching for other class builds which could do similar or better DPS. I have come across a new build based on the current patch, and it's only for DPS Warriors. 

This one is scary good. It's basically Paragon dps in melee range and better than 61 Tempest at range. It feels good to actually have a competitive hybrid. Amazingly, it can achieve upto 26k of DPS.

If you are looking for a tank build, or even support, this isn't the guide and build for you... move along. If you have a 60 Warrior, or are making one, then this will definitely overpower your enemies in PVE, and sometimes PVP.

Please Note: GEAR, makes one heck of a difference with damage. The better the gear, the better the damage.

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