Rift Platinum Farming using Crafting Materials

I decided it's time to share this Rift Platinum Farming using Crafting Materials method. Rift Platinum Farming - Crafting MaterialsI should mention that this is for the game Rift. Rift is Free-2-play MMO, which I have been playing since I left WoW. 

Because I have been playing Rift for a few years, I have come up with various ways to go about Rift Platinum Farming. Currently, I can pick up about 80 plat in about an hour of play. 80p x 30 days = 2400 plat, which is about the price of 1 REX on US servers - or 2/3's of a REX on EU. So do this method with 2-3 characters, and make enough for a 1 month subscription. Becoming patron also gives another benefit - more platinum from turning in quests.

Rift Platinum Farming using Crafting Materials

So to start, let me say that I am not going to share all the methods that net me the 80 plat in an hour, today. This is only 1 specific method, but it ties into some others. This is why I am making this into a miniseries, as each part will focus on something else.


This Rift Platinum Farming using Crafting Materials method requires a level 60 character or more for added benefits, and to have access to Tempest Bay. You should have 3 crafting skills, the 4th skill- Fishing, is optional.


TIP: If items on the AH, aren't selling or if you list 50 items and only 2 sell daily, consider switching servers. I switched my EU character to the German servers, and was rewarded with 20 sales a day. Auction houses are not shared cross-server like instant adventure or chat.

This article on Rift Platinum Farming using Crafting Materials method is part one in a mini series which covers how you can make 80 plat in in hour, on one character. Using this info, you too will be able to farm up REX very quickly. If you have Patron, you will farm them up even quicker.

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