Rift: Play Rift Free from Nov 7 to Nov 11, 2012

As part of their Pre-Launch party, Trion is letting you comes back to Rift, see the changes that were made, play in their pre-release adventures, and get an all around feel for the game. If you played it when it was first released, you might not have liked the game, but let me assure you, many things have changed since then. One of the best features I like to point out, is no more questing for the 3 trees you want to choose - they are there from the beginning. And of course you get to choose how to make your character, which means it's not as limited as say another well known chain *cough*WoW*cough*. You actually get to choose how you want to make your characters, and while the choices aren't infinite, it's much less finite then some other games.

  • Event runs Nov. 7 (12 AM PST / 8 AM UTC) - Nov. 11 (11:59 PM PST / 7:59 AM UTC)
  • Go hands-on with sweeping changes to the Ascended Soul system.
  • Dive into the Tempest Rising World Event that shatters the peace on one continent... and opens the gates to two more.

Come see the changes, come play Rift.

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