Rift: Play Rift, when Rift is down for a patch

Nope, it's not a sandbox nor an emulator. There is a trick I have used to log into Rift when it's down for patching or maintenance. It's a simple trick, but allows me to avoid going to another game during patch or maintenance times.

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All you need to do, is change your region. This is very simple to do.

  1. You need to be logged out.
  2. Goto the login screen, where you enter your password.
  3. Then click the settings button
  4. Change your region to either Europe or North America.

This now allows you to play on EU servers when NA is down and vice-versa. No more going to another game while waiting.

When you want to check if the server is back online, use the same instructions to change it back to your normal region.


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