Rift REX Farming – Alternate Regional Shard

Today, I want to discuss a Rift REX Farming Rift REX Farmingmethod I have been using for a while now. It's slow, but takes less than 3 minutes to complete and you can net anywhere from 10 plat to 300 platinum a day - but the ultimate goal is REX, not plat.

Rift REX Farming

So let's get right into this, and it's not something that most people will think about, but it is fairly easy method to do Rift REX Farming.

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Rift REX Farming Conclusion

Once you have enough Plat, buy a REX, and apply it to your account. Keep repeating this Rift REX Farming day in and day out, as it will give you about 1 REX for 3 minutes work a day. Like I said... Easy Rift REX Farming.

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