Rift: Simple Fishbot

A simple fishbot for Rift with both a passive and active mode. Passive needs to be run when the game is in the foreground. Active mode, reads the game memory and can be run in the background, while you do other things, or play another game.

Things to Note

  • This is a Beta
  • Usage is completely at your own risk.
  • It does simple memory reads (I have been using it for about a week with no bans or disconnects from server with over 4000+ catches).
  • Anti-virus might pick it up as false positive because it can read and write memory. ( If you don't trust it feel free not to use it ).
  • Run it As Administrator and you must be Windowed mode or Fullscreen Windowed mode.
  • It can run with rift in background or minimized but that can cause catch misses due to frames being dropped to 10 when rift isn't your foreground program. (Misses are still rare).
  • Fishing Rod but be in Slot 1 and Lure in Slot 2.
  • Auto loot must be Enabled
  • Your bag with Fishing rod must be open to apply lure

Known Issues
Holding shift while the program is running will change your skill bar to "1" so if your using bar 2 don't press shift. (Quick Fix - Key Binding -> Action Bar Page 1 -> Not Bound)

One Response to Rift: Simple Fishbot

  1. Spitt says:

    It is highly recommended to run this bot, while Windows in in Safe mode, otherwise this can be detectable.

    If you are having problems with the Lures or Fishing Pole, do the following;
    1. Your Inventory must be open, And you must set the position on your fishing rod. Read the instructions on main page
    2. If your fishing rod location is not correct, you can change it by clicking – Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Set Fishing Rod Location. (Then Click on your fishing rod in your bag)

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