Rift Snowball Fight Trick

Rift Snowball Fight Trick

sdsdThere are actually a couple of Rift Snowball Fight Trick's that I have found. I use one to complete the daily quest, A Frosty Free-For-All quicker (since I play late at night). The other one I use to instantly select a... victim of my snowball escapades. Now I am not talking about a cheat per se, just a way of using the game mechanics to benefit myself. It requires no lag, no macros, no game hacks, simply being able to click on your mouse button really quick.

A Frosty Free-For-All (Snowball Fight)
Grandfather Frost
Objective: Hit 8 combatants with a snowball.
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.
(Jingling Bells drop a handful of Unique Snowflakes as well as a chance at a Fae Yule Food item.)

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Rift Snowball Fight Trick

The first Rift Snowball Fight Trick, is rather simple. Unselect a victim (by left clicking on the ground - or press Esc), and then quickly spam click your left mouse button. This will in turn select the next unsuspecting victim, allowing you to pelt them with a snowball.

Now using the first Rift Snowball Fight Trick, we can setup the second trick which will allow you to get 2 credits for 1 NPC who runs through the snowball ring. I had better luck at this in Sanctum versus Meridian. I don't know if this is because it's a slightly bigger area, or if it was because I didn't shut down my background apps before playing in Meridian. In either case, you will back yourself up to the edge of the ring, where the NPC's come out. Since there are 2 of them, you want to find an area between the 2 span points. Set a snowman there or another item to mark the spot for a few minutes. When the NPC comes running across the area, pelt the NPC with a snowball. Now before it completes it's run across the Snowball fight area, follow the NPC's trajectory, so that you can pelt the NPC with a second snowball. If you clicked early enough the first time, you can hit them again before they disappear. So instead of waiting for 8 NPCs, you can use this method to only wait for 4 of them.

Rift Snowball Fight Trick

Bonus Rift Snowball Fight Trick: If you want to be kind to someone else, let them pelt you with a snowball, and then click on the debuff so they can do it again... and again.. and well rinse/repeat.

For our VIP members, I have a trick to do with Dark Ice Bells. Since they have the opportunity to drop some nifty stuff, you can use this "trick" to gain more of them... many more... as many as you want or care to grab in fact. What I especially like to grab, are the rare pets, mounts, and Dimension Items, which I then wait 2-3 months to sell for tons of Rift Platinum!

A complete Fae Yule World Event Guide can be found here.

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