Rift: So you’ve decided to switch servers…

As we all know, free server transfers are going live on Wednesday, June 22. Supposedly there will be an option to change servers in-game. So which server do you goto? Do you just ask a buddy which server he's on, move to a "Recommended" low pop server, or do a little research.

If you chose the option of research, then there is a site which will give you current population for 30 days, 7 days, or even 24 hours, to tell peak times.

RiftStatus, will do all the above and a few things more.

The thing I looked for was not just population (I like heavy pop pve or low pop pvp - screw the 50 member gank crews), but also server queues. Originally I was thinking about moving to Wolfsbane, till I saw the queue. Now am considering Silkweb... but with all the hopping I am expecting this coming week, I am going to wait till Sunday at least before making a final decision.


Tentatively, it looks like we are going to Silkweb. When I say "we", I mean me, Yoshi, Pathogen, Arbitis, Arce, and some other buddies who play on different servers. If you are looking for a PvE/PvP guild on a US PvE server, reply to this thread, and when we move, will let you know which server we goto and send ya an invite. We will probably have both a Guardian and Defiant guilds.

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