Rift: Speedlevel 30-50 in 4 hours guide

Today, I worked with a friend, and we leveled my alt from 35-45 in 2 hours. He does this run with a lot of people, so he knows the ins and out of this particular speedlevel run. This, was a slow run. It should have been to 50 in 1.5 hours. But I learned what to do and what not to do.  Now before you get all excited about this run, let me tell you somethings you need;

  • A level 60 friend with an AoE build
  • 2 potions of experience, 2 hours at +80% works best
  • Be in the same guild, with the friend able to use guild summon

If you've got all those then you are going to have smashing results. Any deviation might also work, but not as well.


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