Rift: Storm Legion expansion announced – teaser video

RiftMinion - Automated PvP, PvE, Fishing botThere isn't much to say regarding the Rift: Storm Legion expansion at the moment, except to show you this trailer. I am however wondering what will happen with the planar attunement and how it will affect levels, if they add another 10 to the game. However with the 3 factions for PvP, these will be some interesting times. I am especially interested to see what will happen with the extra souls which can be added, one for each class I presume. It's going to change all the over-powered builds we already have, if I suspect correctly.

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I noticed then mention player/guild space - which I presume to mean they will have player housing ala Runes of Magic. This is basically an interdimentional apartment, or rather a place you can call home, which doesn't actually have a place on Telara.

Here's the teaser video...

An interesting note about the video, I would have sworn that the images they were showing were actually pewter figurines, in which case if you got those an a collectors edition, it might be worth picking it up... just saying.

Another note-worthy aspect, was a GM popping into the game the other day, and offering to answer questions, which reminded me of Asheron's Call, back in the day. Those guys would actually pop in once in a while and help people out.

If anyone else can get some insight into the game, from the notes, please share them. If will be interesting to see what people think.

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