Rift: Storm Legion Expansion Now Live

  • Level 60
  • New land mass
  • New dungeons
  • New PvP map
  • New Soul Trees
  • Player Housing

… New bugs… builds… and login queues?

Yup, login queues. I was sitting here stuck at the loading screen for the game, waiting to get it on Greybriar-US. I was stuck at 94%, which means that’s the login queue holding me back, right? Monday it took me 2 mins, Tuesday it took me 20 mins and I actually cancelled the login. As it turns out, this is one of the bugs. You have to fully patch, before you go in the game, otherwise you will be stuck at the loading screen for a long time, till the patching is complete (which takes longer when you are trying to login the game). Someone told me it was server queues, but I checked the population, and it was at low/medium.

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Another bug? I couldn’t open my guild bank, which is where I stuck most of my crafting ingredients. I wanted to get up some housing items on the AH. But since I couldn’t open it, I couldn’t craft and list… *sigh* I guess the GB was down since 20 mins after the release of the game.

Was that it? Nope, there were more. I wasn’t able to stretch and congeal my player hosing items. No twisting and turning them. The only thing I was able to do was place them on the ground, which is ok with me, since I got them out of my packs.

I planned ahead for the leveling, I planned ahead to turn in quests. I planned ahead to hold onto artifacts so i could list them the weekend after the expansion to make a ton of plat. I planned ahead in so many ways, except 1. Artisan Marks. You need these things to pickup Player Housing Crafting items. One character had 500 saved up, and this was a good thing. However I should have been doing my dailies to get those marks, so I could be the only one listing them on the AH… of course not having access to my guild bank would have hurt me anyways. I mean I bought 2 slots just for crafting items, to expand my own bank… maybe in another couple days.

And the race was won I am sure… which race? The World/Server first to 60. Do I care? Not really. I don’t play that game, and those who do, feel exultant for the first day or so, and disappointed in the days following. I have never understood that one… race to level cap… hit it… cry with pleasure… and then complain about something missing from the game and quit. Try slow leveling and enjoying the game. Try PvP, crafting, and making friends. The guys who hit the level cap, will dominate PvP for a few days, and perhaps even make some platinum from crafting bags for a few days… but afterwards the prices will drop, and you can rest assured they will quit and go back to the games where they slow leveled.


One other thing I want to mention here, is that if servers don’t pickup, I suspect we will see the game going F2P within 3 months. I think that with so few servers, that it’s inevitable. There is one thing you can do to keep the game going however. Let people know about it. Tell people in other games how you are quitting that game for Rift. Hand out your refer-a-friend codes, and get others to play any way you can.

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