OP Rogue Build Superpowered Rift PVE PVP AOE DPS

OP Rogue Build

OP Rogue BuildThis OP Rogue Build is amazing! I really thought I had an awesome DPS build, it was mostly Marksman. At level 60, I was pulling upto 5500 DPS, on a single target and 8500 on a group. But with 1 support and 1 tank, we weren't able to complete a crafting rift all the way to the 5th stage. So my buddy shared with me, a new build. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I peaked at around 30k DPS, with a single mob going down for 15k DPS.


If you aren't doing this kind of DPS on your Rogue, you need this build.

OP Rogue Build

It's not just a build though, it's a single macro spell spam rotation. Imagine a macro, a single macro that you need to spam, over and over, and thats it. Thats all you have to do to gain massive DPS. Impressive, right?

Next, you will need the OP Rogue Build:  61 Saboteur, 5 Assassin, 10 Tactician


You have 3 buffs, Trap Extension, Curative Engine, and Virulent Poison.

Last, get your Single-Spam Macro and setup some health tonics on your bar.

So /macro to create a new macro, then...Ok, now that you have the OP Rogue Build and the 1-button spam, go join a group and decimate the playing field. I have used this in PVP, PVE, Rifts, Instant Adventure, everything! The only thing I don't use this build for, is when I am out hunting artifacts. That build is a ranger assassin build to that I can stealth and pull mobs away from artifacts with my pet. But otherwise this OP Rogue Build will set you free and make you a preferred player.

Good to go... enjoy.

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