Snowflakes Farm Fast Method in Rift

Snowflakes Farm Fast Method

Snowflakes FarmIf you’re playing Rift this holiday, then you should be aware that the currency that allows you to purchase the cool items is Snowflakes. These can be farmed fairly quickly gaining around 150 an hour. If you know what you want to purchase from the World Event Vendor, you should be able to use this measurement to figure out how long you will need to farm this Fae Yule season to get all of them.

The Snowflakes Farm Fast Method is quite simple. First do all your event daily quests inside your capital city.

Once finished with them,  go back to Meridian or Sanctum, find the portal to Iron Pine Peaks, and do the events there. 

You will have to  Talk To”Merry”, The Sledding Enthusiast in Iron Pine Peaks to grab the 2 quests, Sled Slalom and Snowmen Snocapolypse. Once you grab them, goto the top of the hill. You will see a small ramp. Grab a sled at the top, and then proceed down the ramp, and between the 2 banners. There are 7 sets of banners you need to go through. If you miss one, you will have to go back to the first one you missed, and re-complete the slalom run.

Snowflakes Farm Fast

Make sure you run through 10 snowmen on your way down. At the very bottom of the sun, there is a ramp with what looks to be portals in a row. Take the sled up this ramp, where it will launch you. If you did it right, you will get 5 more snowflakes (though I have gotten 3 before).

Once you complete it, Go back to Merry, and turn in, then re-accept the quests. 

All of this should take about 5 minutes to complete and you will gain about 15 Snowflakes, which makes for about 150-175 an hour, which makes this the fastest way to Snowflakes Farm.



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