Twisted Carousel Ram Mount – Free 155% mount

Twisted-Carousel-Ram-rift-mountToday is the final day to obtain the Twisted Carousel Ram Mount for Rift characters. It's a 155% mount which can be acquired for 5 Doubloons (event currency). I am not sure if it's a glitch, cheat, or intended, but you can obtain this mount in about 1 hour (or less). But if you're going to get this mount, then you need to do so, today.

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Twisted Carousel Ram Mount

tempest-bay-docksThe way to do it, is actually easy - but can take a bit of time. Now mind you, I did this on all 7 of my characters on Greybriar over the last few days. I started by being the guy who joined the group, but by the end, I was the guy organizing the event to get it done quicker.

So in order to get your Twisted Carousel Ram Mount, you need to get yourself to Tempest Bay's Docks. You won't need to purchase any expansion, and you can do this at any level. The mount isn't tradeable, but a 155% mount isn't usually cheap to come by, so it's worth making a new character now, and changing it's name later, if you plan to make a character later with that class.

Once you get yourself to the docks, you want to head on over to speak with Dantwor Honey-Tongue. He's got 5 quests to give you. Choose the one which says Week 1. You will need to win 50 carnival games. No problem here, now we head on over to the last boat via gangplank and talk to Hobert to get the balloon popping quest. If there is a group, ask for an invite. If not, try changing servers (click your portrait, then teleport to shard).

Twisted Carousel Ram MountIf there is still no group, then go back to your own shard, and start advertising. Do it in Cross Server Events and 1-29. It should look something like this - Get your Free 155% mount [Twisted Carousel Ram]. Come to Tempest Bay Docks on (your server name here) server. Last day to get it, join the group, grab the Balloon Popping quest, and jump your way to a free mount.

People will ask how it's free, tell them to join the group and come to Tempest Bay (your server name here), and you will explain it.

Twisted Carousel Ram MountPut an X on the location of Dantwor Honey-Tongue, and then do a raid message (/raid) whenever someone joins. It should say something like this - If you haven't already done so, goto my X, and collect the weekly quests, 1-3 - individually. When you complete all 3, your mount will be available in the Rift Store under World Event.

In order to stop leechers, it's a good idea to make the group private, and then make an announcement periodically which states - This Raid is private to deter leechers. Leechers will be KICKED. Jump 5-10 on balloons between collecting prize tickets.

In order to kick someone, right click on their name/portrait in the group. Select Uninvite to kick them.


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