Rift: Bob Saget’s AutoIT Fishbot script

Not only is Bob Saget funny, but he can code in AutoIt. Here's a fishing bot script, which has an easy to understand GUI which will allow you to fish for hours catching and leveling your fishing to no end. Use it to level or use it to make money on the AH selling fish and food.

I spent the last few days reworking my fishing script if anyone is interested. I have caught 13k fish with it and had no issues with GMs.

New in this version;

  • Complete rewrite for the most part with GUI options.
  • Now random pingwaits to fool GMs
  • Checks to make sure log isn't disabled
  • Can fish in two spots at once
  • Checks to see if you are out of lures if you provide a name.
  • Separate values for latency and computer video lag
  • Better ways to set locations!
  • Customizable timeout!
  • Write your own away message!
  • Hotkey reminders in game!
  • Automatically downloads the newest version!

This script will automatically fish for you in rift. Currently this works for me. Let me know if you run in to any issues that aren't just you not knowing wtf you are doing. It works by checking the non combat log for things about fishing. /log must be off for this script to work since it will enable it for you. It is off by default

This script is written in AutoIt you need to download it here.

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  1. mannymann says:

    Just as an FYI: A number of people are reporting 24+h bans from using other fishing bots. Be careful how much you fish!

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