Rift Minion: 1 Month Free x5 give-away

What is Rift Minion? Rift Minion is a bot made by PharmerPhale for Rift which automates both PvE mob farming as well as PvP battling in warfronts. An enterprising person would probably simply use the automating software for leveling via PvP, and let it level 1-50 for them, then follow it up with leveling gathering for them as well.

Rift Minion Features

  • North America, European, and Russian client support.
  • PvE Grinding for leveling up.
  • Warfront PvP automation for favor.
  • Supports all forms of gathering.
  • Easy Install and Setup.
  • Never need to update the bot, it's streamed from our server.
  • Full background and mutli-client support.
  • Direct communication with the developers for support.

Rift Minion Security

  • Undected in all previous banwaves.
  • We inspect every Rift launcher and client update for your safety.
  • Catch-all stealth options for x86 systems (or x86 virtual machines on x64).
  • Constant anti-detection updates.

In an effort to be fair with this code give-away, I will be releasing these 5 free codes for 1 month free time ($10.40 value) to Rift Minion at random times over the next few days. The first one I am releasing now, the others, you will have to check back with this page to see if you can get the next one released. I am doing it this way to ensure that one person doesn't just grab all 5 codes for themselves.

In any case, here is the first key:


Second Key: mmoexploiters-9RU43H23

Third Key: mmoexploiters-94TR437H8

Fourth Key: mmoexploiters-932HF4876

Fifth and Last Key: mmoexploiters-324897YHMN

Follow this link to get the software and use your key. Once on the site, register an account and then Navigate to your User CP to enter the code.

RiftMinion Overview

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