Rift: Rift Minion 2.1 with Pathing Improvements

RiftMinion 2.1 was released a couple weeks ago, with all new features! We decided to wait to release this news, so that we could see what if any bans happened with the latest release. Surprisingly, there have been less bans with this version then with previous versions. It's hard to dispute that patrolling areas works much better then a path, where the bot simply follows the exact same lines.

RiftMinion Pathing explained

RiftMinion 2.1 Changes:

Brand new and totally reworked Navigation:

  • The bot now navigates inside green circles instead of following a straight line all the time (The green circles still have to be connected with each other by the white lines!)
  • Proper antistuck routine

3D Radar for NPCs, Items and especially sneaky stealthed Players

  • This Radar can easily be (de-)activated from the main GUI in order to see all surrounding enemies and items that you may pickup

Improvements for Buffs and stackable Spells

  • You are no longer required to add a manual "cooldown" to instant castable spells that don't have a cooldown, For Dots and Hots, like "Vex" and "Healing Spray". You can now manually set a maximum of how many stacks of a spell can be applied to a target or yourself and the bot will cast the spell until the maximum stack of this spell is applied to the target.

Plus More! Goto RiftMinion's website for more info!

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