Rift: OP Mage End-Game PvE Guide and Spec

written by bluedot

In this guide I will cover stat priorities, itemization, damage parsers, macros, consumables and the best specs and their rotation. This guide is meant for people who want to progress as a mage in end-game PvE. I will not be addressing PvP or solo PvE.


Heroic Mana Tonic
Heroic Brightsurge Vial
Burning Witchstone

Always carry Heroic Mana Tonics, use them early and often in fights where mana would be an issue. I typically only use the Brightsurge Vials on progression fights, some guilds require them other don't.

The Burning Witchstones are by far the hardest to get a hold of.

  1. Make, or have an Artificer friend make, a million Sacred Fetishes.
  2. Break them down to get the Sturdy Jaw[s] and Shiny Tooth[s]
  3. Right click the jaws and teeth to get Refined Bones and Processed Bones.
  4. Craft Burning and Sparkling Witchstones.


Stat Priorities Itemization:

Spell power is an additive. while Crit is multiplicative. Spell power will give you X more damage to your spells, but Crit will give you Y% more damage to your spells. For example:
Lets say you have 1000 SP and 25% chance to Crit.
If you cast a spell with 100 base damage (damage listed on the tooltip) that has a 100% efficient to SP you will do:
1100 Damage. 1000SP + 100 Base damage.
Now with 25% Crit you have a 25% chance to do 50% more damage (80% if you have the Tempest talent). Which means on average your 25% Crit causes your spell to do 12.5% more damage (50% damage x 25% chance).
If we add that into our first equation (1100 Damage = 1000SP + 100 Base damage) we get something like:
(1000SP + 100 Base damage) x (1+ 12.5%) = 1237.5 damage.

True stat weights are always based on your current gear, but the general rule of thumb is:
Focus* > Sp > Int > Crit & Wisdom
*Focus is only good until you reach the cap for the content you are doing.

When comparing items keep in mind:
Focus until cap is worth at least double any other stat.
2 Int = 1 SP + 2 Crit
1 Crit = 0.0379% chance to Crit.
2 Wis = 1 SP + 3 MP10 (Mana Per 10)

These are rough stat weights! They will vary widely based on your spec, rotation, and stats.

Fresh level 50 (750-900 Spell Power).
1 Spell Power = 1.00
1 Intelligence = 0.71
1 Wisdom = 0.50
2 Spell Crit = 0.41

With Tempest (+30% Spell Crit Damage) at 1000 - 1100 Spell Power:
1 Spell Power = 1.00
1 Intelligence = 1.00
1 Wisdom = .5
2 Spell Crit = 1.00

Without Tempest at 1300 Spell Power:
1 Spell Power = 1.00
1 Intelligence = 1.00
1 Wisdom = .5
2 Spell Crit = 1.00

Focus Caps
Tier 1 and Expert Rifts: 100
Tier 2 and Raid Rifts: 150
Raids (Greenscale's Blight): 200
River of Souls: 220
Hammerknell: 300 (Unverified)


Specs and Rotation:

DPS (Healing specs are further down):


Use the Skeletal Zealot pet.
Life Leech > Looming Demise > Necrosis > Dark Touch > Defile > Neddra's Grasp* > Neddra's Torture > Spam Void bolt > Repeat starting with Necrosis.

Alternate Void Bolt and Soul Purge. You will need to cancel Soul purge early to prevent Defile from falling off due to lack of Charge.

Only refresh Looming Demise every 60 Seconds.

Alternative Necro/Lock Spec:
This spec is higher single target damage but is less mobile and relies more on pets.
Life Leech > Looming Demise > Necrosis > Dark Touch > Neddra's Torture > Soul Purge* > Spam Void Bolt
*Only Soul purge if you have 80+ charge and your DoTs have 8 or more seconds remaining.

Use Empty The Crypts, Lich Form, and Sacrifice Life: Damage together the first time. Make sure you don't use Soul Purge while Empty the Crypts is up.

Empty the Crypts gets a benefit from Lich Form but has a 30 second faster cooldown. It is better to use Empty the Crypts on cooldown then wait for Lich Form.

*Only use Neddra's Grasp if the mob uses 3 or more abilities in 15 seconds. 3 Abilities is roughly equal to one void bolt of damage so it is no loss, while 4 - 5 is obviously more damage then a void bolt.
Use Sacrific Life: Damage early and right before a DoT refresh. Then refresh your dots right at the end of Sacrifice Life: Damage and Lich Form. DoTs take a snapshop of your stats right as you cast them then maintain that snapshot throughout their duration. So a DoT cast in the last second of a cooldown will get the benefit of that cooldown for its duration.

I macro Neddra's Torture to Void Bolt:

cast Neddra's Torture
cast Draining Bolt
cast Void Bolt


This is the a mage's best possible AoE, and the single target is competitive.

For single target, start by applying 3 stacks of Electrify. This can be done with Forked Lightningx3, Thunderboltx3, or Raging Storm. The situation dictates which you use, typically you start with 3x Thunderbolt, however Raging Storm is faster so on a shorter fight (less then 1 min) use it instead.

Once you have 3 stacks of Electrify begin your "standard rotation":

Ice Shear > Lightning Strike > Cloudburst x5 > Thunderbolt

This is your metronome. Practice this until you can do it with your eyes closed. As we build on the rotation this will be your stabilizer, if you mess up or get distracted by an encounter mechanic you can fall back on this and maintain competitive DPS.

Now lets make it harder.

Activate Building Storm > Ice Shear > Activate Static Flux (Static Discharge - Intensify Elements) > Lightning Strike > Arctic Blast > Deactivate Building Storm&Static Flux > 2x Cloudburst >
Raging Storm > Ice Shear > Activate Static Flux > Lightning Strike > Deactivate Static Flux > Cloudburst x5 > Thunderbolt

As you can see this is no cakewalk rotation and you will screw it up, that is why you want to have the standard rotation memorized and perfected so you can fall back on it when you screw something up.

I use the following Macro:

#show Arctic Blast
cast Lightning Strike
cast Arctic Blast
cast Raging Storm

Rotation for multiple targets (Use if there are 2 or more targets. Trash packs in dungeons are perfect):

Lightning Storm > (Lightning Field > Forked Lightning x3) Repeat until Lightning Storm is off CD or until everything is dead. If there are 2 targets you can cast Lightning Field twice and refresh Electrify with 2 Forked Lightning.

Make sure you also have Lightning Field available on a separate button for AoE.




This is a strong contender for the best single target mage DPS.

First setup this macro:

#show Fireball
cast Flame Bolt
cast Fireball

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Now your standard rotation is:

Ground of Power* > Cinder Burst** > Fireball Macro > Inferno*** > Ignite***

*Only when it is not already down.
**Only when Pyromancer Armor Procs
*** Only when you are moving or otherwise need an instant cast spell (during a knockback). Obviously with Inferno the mob has to be below 30%.

I do not use Inferno in my rotation. If Inferno is in the macro and the mob is above 30% it has to go to the server and check, then come back and tell you "Required conditions not met". This causes a .1 - .3 second delay which will cost you dearly in the long run.

Once you have that down start using Withering Flames when you have full Charge. Make sure you only use Withering Flames when you will not take ANY damage. If you take damage you get spell knockback and you will not get 5 stacks of the Withering Flames DoT which means it won't be worth casting.

While Withering Flames is on cooldown use Internalize Charge to drain your charge. You will end up alternating between Withering Flames and Internalize Charge each time you get full charge.

When your cooldowns, Intensify Elements and Heatwave are off available, get full charge then:

Internalize Charge > Intensify Elements > Heatwave > Spam Fireball for 15 Seconds > Internalize Charge > Intensify Elements > Continue standard rotation.


Archon Spec. Aka Buff Bi***

More Damage: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zzIs.AResRfiqkrz.x0o.Mcm
More Health: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zzqv.AResRfiqkrz.Vx.x
I've found the spec with more health to be life saving in many raid encounters, especially on Hylas or even Greenscale to a lesser degree.

Setup the following macro:

#show Surging Flare
cast Earthen Barrage
cast Volcanic Bomb
cast Surging Flare
cast Leeching Flames
cast Pillaging stone

Now your rotation is mind numbingly simple:
Keep all your buffs up > Debuff the Target > Spam Macro
Since all your group buffs actually debuff you, it is very important you debuff the target. It is also important inform your group what buffs you provide so they don't waste GCDs applying them.



As a Chloromancer you can choose between heavier AoE or heavier Tank healing. Lifegiving Veil increases your AoE healing, while Lifebound Veil allows you to use Synthesis, but at the cost of AoE healing. Synthesis is a long term buff that gives a single, friendly target a massive boost to the healing the receive from the mage.

Wild Growth is a decent heal and a massive DPS boost if baddies are in the AoE
Radiant Spores should be up on everything always, but it does not stack so organize who is putting it up if there are multiple Chloros

AoE Healing

The goal of AoE healing is to output as much life damage is you can. The life damage is converted into healing at 120% (100 damage = 120 healing).

Highest AoE Healing Spec: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zRvq.EdIuqAIkRR.xx.V
More Health: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zRvq.EdIuqAIkRR.xx0V

The AoE healing rotation:

Radiant Spores > Void Life
Use Nature's Touch when Opportunity procs.
Use Nature's Fury if there are multiple targets.

Vile Spores is higher HPS then Void Life, but only by a little. Vile Spores relies on the first tick of the DoT it leaves so if you have Burning Purpose (or some other + casting speed buff) it is actually lower HPS because the DoT gets overwritten before it can tick about half the time. Furthermore, it consumes the Opportunity proc so you won't be able to use Nature's Touch. Nature's Touch is a much bigger heal then Void life or Vile Spores but takes longer to cast, it ends up being less HPS. However, it is great to use with Opportunity, and it is great to precast right before a big AoE (Last boss of Abyssal Precipice, or Soul Fracture on Prince Hylas), time it to hit right as the raid takes lots of damage.

Tank Healing

There isn't a huge difference between tank healing and AoE healing, and if all you did was put Synthesis on a tank and use the same spec and rotation that you use for AoE healing, 90% of the time you'd be fine. There are ways to optimize, however.

Consuming Flames, a single target shield: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zRzq.EdIuqAIkRR.hMfc.M
Reflective Command, a single target spell reflect and Charged Shield: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zRsq.EdIuqAIkRR.McV.V
Higher DPS: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zRvz.EdIzqhc0Ro.xx0V0VVx

The rotation can also be adjusted:

Nature's Touch > Void Life > Void Life 2 ticks

The macro system in Rift is not as powerful as some players are used to from WoW. There is no castsequence or reset timer. However, you can still simplify rotations or increase your efficiency.

All macros need to include "suppressmacrofailures" unless you enjoy a lot of chat spam. This goes at the very top, or right after "#show spell/ability name".

Example Macro:

#show Void Bolt
use Awesome Trinket
cast Void Bolt

You can direct spells/abilities to specific targets using "@"

cast @focus Transmorgophy
cast @targettarget Bloom
cast @mouseover Nature's Cleansing
cast @focustarget RandomSpell
cast @lasttarget RandomSpell

While there is no castsequence you can fake it with some spells. When you press a macro the game engine will read each line one at a time, but once it reaches a spell/ability it can cast it will cast that line and then disregard the rest of the macro. For example Static Discharge has a 2 minute cooldown while Void bolt has no cooldown. In the following example:

Macro A:

cast Void Bolt
cast Static Discharge

Macro B:

cast Static Discharge
cast Void Bolt

In Macro A Static Discharge will never be cast because the macro will always stop after Void Bolt is cast. Macro B is the way to go. The best example is:

cast Earthen Barrage
cast Volcanic Bomb
cast Surging Flare
cast Leeching Flames
cast Pillaging stone

Pillaging Stone is the only spell that does not have a cooldown. So the first time I press the macro it will cast Earthen Barrage, the next time I press the macro it will cast Volcanic Bomb, then Surging Flare, and so on.

You can add button modifiers to spells/abilities in macros:

cast [shift] Life Leech
cast Void Bolt

If I press the above macro it will cast Void Bolt. If I hold shift and press this macro it will cast Life Leech.

This should be the basics of macros.. just try stuff, there are a million possibilities.

Thats all folks.

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