Rift: Overpowered Warrior Tank Build Void Knight-Paladin

Many things have changed with the recent patch. Mostly the builds and trees affect us however, as these affect the way we play. Before you wonder or ask, let me assure you that this build is overpowered in the amount of damage it can take, and that it can survive fights for several minutes even after the rest of the group is down. Between heals, shields, and threat generation, this is the ultimate Warrior Tank build.

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There was one fight I was recently in, where the boss had an AoE attack, which sundered our group. Everyone was dropping like flies. It got down to the healer and myself. With the heals from the Paladin tree and the shields from the Void Knight, I was able to hold aggro, while the healer did some ranged DPS to take down the mob most of the way. Unfortunately, mana ran out for him, and another AoE hit him. Having no ranged, I was able to attack by moving in, attack, move out, heal, and repeat. Eventually however even I went down. Survivability and holding Aggro, is not an issue with this build.

You are underpowered as far as damaging/dps goes, but more then make up for it, in the assigned role. While you can use this build to solo, fights are VERY slow, since most damaging abilities either won't be used or are discarded in favor of threat generation and forcing mobs to attack you.

Partly because I had to reset, and partly because I wanted to see what else there was to offer, I went with Void Knight as my primary tree, with 41 points in. I am a huge fan still of the Paladin tree, so went 25 points in with that. For my 3rd tree and 0 points in, I went with Champion, for Bull Rush, which is an out of combat charge. This is usually my primary attack into a group of mobs.


One of my favorite features about this build, is the similarity to my Rogue Tank's ability, to pull enemies into a tight group, which then allows my own group to AoE mow them down. We do this with the ability called Void Summon. While there are other summons, this one is best used for a group to fit them into a neat package. With single targets somewhat in the distance, we have a few other abilities to pull them in, or direct their attacks to us. We can use Shield Throw off the Paladin tree and Spark off the Void Knight tree. This is best used for melee type characters.  For ranged mobs, I like to use Rift Summon, which teleports a single mob to us. We also have a couple abilities from each tree which forces nearby enemies to attack us, Airburst from the Void Knight tree or Judgement from the Paladin tree - either one of these can be used, but only 1 should be on your ability bars.

Rift 250x250In the beginning of this guide I mentioned Bull Rush being my opener move. While in combat, there is another charge called Shield Charge. This also does damage, roots the enemy, and grabs their attention, so-to-speak. I use this as my group is finishing up on the last few mobs in the previous fight. Make sure you always keep watch of the healer's mana, when jumping from group to group. If the healer is out of mana, and you charge another group, you might not be able to survive.

As for threat generation, everything we do, due to a Paladin talent, increases our threat. You should only need a few threat increasing abilities, so make them AoE types such as Sweeping Strike, which has a 5 second cooldown, versus 8 for the Void Knight spell Ragestorm. Note that Ragestorm does do more damage, however it shouldn't be our goal to do a lot of damage, but to instead increase threat generation.

Now you might have noticed I didn't go with Face Slam on the Paladin tree. This is because it shares the cooldown of Furious Rage, which can also silence the enemy. As far as other interrupts go, I went with a Light's Hammer off the Paladin tree, which also interrupts. Void Propulsion hurls the enemy backwards 15 meters, this also interrupts. However you will want to have Rift Summon also available to pull it back in, and interrupt it again. Note that Shock also silences an enemy.

As you are taking damage, you are supposed to get a new Pact every 3-4 attacks made against you. But if you need them RIGHT NOW, then you will be able to use the ability called Ambient Engorgement, which will gain you new Pacts much quicker. These will allow you to use more of the Void Knight's special abilities and even to power your shield.

While there are more abilities available, I tend to stick to the core which either force enemies to attack me, to generate threat, shield, or heal. These abilities should be the repertoire of any good tank. If you are tying to do more damage, then there are other trees for that. You shouldn't ever have to be the dps, however it's still a good idea to have the spells available on a hidden bar, which you can scroll to, if the need arises.

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Next up, will be my Warrior Support Build, which I also use for Solo PvE. Keep your eyes peeled for it. If you are looking for a specific build, for a specific class, be sure to ask in the comments below.

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