Rift: Rogue Build – Solo PvE Leveling

Some of the recent changes, really pissed me off. It meant that my tried and true builds, didn’t quite work anymore, and had to be rebuilt. It also meant I got to have a little fun on trying some new things out. So here’s my PvE Build, which is to say that it’s my soloing build, or non-dungeon build, for Rift patch 1.11.

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To start out, I decided to go with Ranger as my main spec. Now I didn’t actually go 61 points in, in fact I stopped at 41 points. I had enough points to get me the best of this tree, and then to put a few points into other trees as well. For my other trees, I went with Riftstalker (for the armor increase and Shadow Shift ability) and Assassin. Now you’re probably wondering why Assassin. Well in part it’s because in close quarters Ranger doesn’t work well, unless you are using the AoE attack. But also because of the interrupts with Blind and Foul Play. I did go 22 points into the Assassin tree, but that was so that I could get the perma-stealth aka Improved Stealth.

So here’s one of my favorite tricks to do. I like to cast the HoT “Rejuvenate” spell on my Greater Razorbeast, put him on passive, stealth up, and then travel stealthed. What happens, is my pet will pull aggro, from the mobs in front of me, allowing me to stealth past them. With the heal and the armor of this beast, it will usually stay alive well enough and let me travel unmolested. When I want to unstealth, I simply send it towards a group of mobs where I know it will die. This then drops aggro, allowing me to unstealth peacefully. If it should die, while I am moving around mobs, I can also Shadow Shift, which will port me past a group of mobs.

As far as attacks go I prefer to use the Greater Razorbeast to tank, while I heal with Rejuvenate and mow my targets down with the following abilities; Shadow Fire, Splinter Shot, Piercing Shot, and then Quick Shot. The armor reduction of Piercing Shot, combined with Splinter Shot is very noticeable when taking on single mobs, even elites. Now I have taken on elites, using my pet to tank, while I heal my pet. At level 50, I managed to solo a level 52 elite with 33k health. I could probably have done it with my tank build, but it would have taken me much longer.

I use Rain of Arrows when there are a lot of mobs attacking me. You should NOT use Pin Down, then Rain of Arrows. Pin Down only lasts 6 seconds and mobs will not stay in that little area, while you use Rain of Arrows on them. Instead it’s best to get right near the group of mobs you want to do this AoE attack on, and then cast it. You can have your pet attack any mob which starts to attack you, so it will draw aggro away from you. By staying near the mobs, should the mobs decide to attack you, they will still be in the target area, allowing you to mow them down. The only exception to this rule, is if there is a Tank in your party who is already aggroing. In this case, it’s okay to go ahead and use Rain of Arrows on them, without being near them.

Rift 250x250For healing, we actually have 2 ways to heal ourselves, but they are both a bit passive. We can increase the amount we are healed for, but it’s still a bit slim. First we have to use Spirit of Wilderness on our pet. This will heal a percentage of the damage our pet does. Now because of this, we want to attempt to augment the amount of damage our pet does do. So we use Feral Instincts which increases the amount of damage our pet does. Ace Shot should also be used at every opportunity, which will increase the amount of damage our pet does by 20%. The second passive way we have of healing, is with Leaching Poison. This ability does work on our ranged attacks and will heal us 20% of the time we attack.

Now I mentioned we have the Assassin tree. The greatest reason is because of stealth, however this simply allows us to pick and choose our targets more effectively. The only real attacks we have with this tree are Savage Strike and Final Blow. Because of the points increase to Final blow, we should get about 1780 damage on 5 pips. For a slight increase to armor however you can also go in the Riftstalker tree and use Guarded Steel, which will increase our armor by 10%.

We do have a few special abilities, which I have used on occasion to gather mines and herbs on occasion with. I like to Stealth and then use Incapacitate on one mob. If there is a second mob, then using blind on it, and then dropping out of stealth to gather, works well. If you do not plan to fight, then you can mount up and run away at this point. If you do plan to fight, use Hasten Call to call a pet, and then use your Assassin or Ranger abilities on it. Either one works well in this case. Should you choose it, you can go with the Blood Raptor at this point, however personally I still prefer the Greater Razorbeast.

If you find yourself in close quarters with a mob, have your pet tank, while you attack the mob from behind with Savage Strike. You will get a backstab bonus, without the need for the Backstab ability. Plus since mobs have less armor, you will also get a bonus to attacking from behind, even though the Savage Strike doesn’t mention it. Should another mob come at you, you can use Foul Play and/or Blind on it. This will get you through the fight, and allow you to hit the other mob. Remember that damage does break Blind/Foul Play, so your poisons could interrupt it, if you attack. Make sure to tab to the mob, and immediately tab away from it after using Foul Play or Blind.

As far as fighting, it’s a really simple build, which you should have no problems picking up.

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