Rift: Spitt’s PvE Rogue Tank AoE Build

Let me first say, I have been playing around with the Rouge tank for a while now, though not a long time. Every rogue tank I had seen before, could do T1 but not T2 very well. Some of the reasons was because of the build, some simply because of the player. I have heard of a few good tanks however, and have been working on this build for a bit now. It is NOT aimed at PvP, but rather at PvE, because of the skills sets. I would not even rate this as overpowered in the sense that it can do 1-hit kills, because it can't. However a great example of it's tanking ability, was on Ember Isle, with new level 50 gear, a capable healer and I were holding off a horde of 30+ mobs during an event (6 of which were elite mobs). I held aggro, he healed me, and others took on the mobs with DPS.

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So the build itself is fairly simple, and the main skills it uses is also simple. I have one main attack, 2 finishers, some teleports, and some damage reduction abilities. It goes 44 Riftstalker, 22 Bladedancer, and 0 in Ranger.

44 Riftstalker - 22 Bladedance - 0 Ranger Tank Build

So I tried something besides a 0 point Ranger, and had some problems.  Why not Marksman? Because there is no ranged finisher, same with Nightblade and Fiery Spike. An Alternative to Ranger would be Saboteur with Charges/Detonation but I don't like hitting a mob with charges and not doing any damage - this leads to false starts and others agro'ing the mobs. There is a plus to getting a slow on the mobs through the use of Adhesive Bomb, however the negative connotations can cause wipes. I also tried Bard with Cadence. Now I actually liked that I would get 3 pips on a mob, and heal myself a small amount to boot, but overall, the best I came up with was Ranger.  If you go ranger, you will use Quickshot and possibly Headshot, if you aren't the main focus (someone else is also tanking or there is a boar in the game). You will not use the boar, as it will be limited to level 30. Quickshot does have the most range of 30 yards, so you can use it to also pull mobs. It's the only 0 point class you can do this with effectively, because of the extended range.

Now I know it might seem a bit strange going 22 points in Bladedancer, however 22 of the points gains you a more effective meditative trance (Healing finisher). Bladedancer is also an AoE class, so along with your tanking, you will hit multiple mobs, making it easier to keep aggro.

For spell rotations, I go Rift Disturbance, Phantom Blow, Twin Strike x3, Finisher. When Phantom Blow is on cooldown, just put in another Twin Strike. For Finishers I use one of 3 different spells. Compound Attack deals damage to 5 enemies (helping you keep aggro), Meditative Trance to give you a heal of 1500 HoT, or Guarded Steel to give you a damage reduction. With this build, the Guarded Steel will also cause more aggro.

For damage reducers, there is ofc Guarded Steel, but also Planar Refuge and Side Steps, though the last actually gives you a chance to avoid being hit, which is as effective as a damage reducer.

It's very important to be in Guardian Phase when you are tanking. Besides getting a damage reduction via armor boost, it will also boost your health and aggro. Everytime you teleport, you will increase the amount of aggro you do, you will also gain a small damage reducing shield for a short time. We use this to then gain aggro as well as reduce our damage in battles.

One effective strategy I have found, is when fighting 3 mobs, 2 of which are casters (have a blue mana bar) or one caster and one ranged, is to teleport to the caster, wait for it to cast a spell, then hit Weapon Barrage which silences the mob for 5 seconds, allowing me to then teleport within range of the other caster or ranged mob, and have the silenced one follow. Then I use Planar Attraction to bring that group together, allowing me to use my abilities on it.

There are a total of 4 spells you will put on yourself after a death or when they run out. You will use Guardian Phase, Planar Reversal, Combat Pose, and Planebound Resilience. The only time you put on Stalker Phase, is if you do not want the aggro. However if you begin to pull aggro, you will die since you do not have the increased health and armor.

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I rarely use Maim or Defer Death, unless I am trying to flee. But that rarely happens, as the tank should be the one who goes down first. You do get the ability Planar Switch, but I only use that when I am going to use Meditative Trance, as Rift Scavenger does heal you for a bit of health too.

The only time I use Flash of Steel, is when all my teleports are on cooldown. It can be used as an escape when soloing, just target a critter and charge it. It gets rid of pursuing mobs that much easier.Rift Prison can be used as a silence, however because no one can do the mob in the prison any damage, it should be mostly avoided, unless you are attempting escape.

Dauntless Strike can be used on occasion as a finisher, when in a group. The nice thing about this is the chance to cause a crit heal, however 5% isn't much. As for the rest of the abilities... eh.


For those interested, the image above is of my Guardian Rogue Tank (I also have a Defiant Rogue). I do quite a bit of playing in PUG's, so you might see me around sometime... ofc he's not named Spitt.. but the garb is quite distinctive.


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