Rift: Mentoring new experiences and OP Cheat

I got a chance to play with Mentoring yesterday. I was playing one of my lower level characters, and I was definitely impressed. So I went hunting with a Guardian Rogue I was leveling up, playing with my Warrior tank friend. His level 42, and he managed to downgrade his character to level 32 to match mine. 

I don't understand the specifics, but he wasn't hitting as hard and his health went down. However as we were playing he leveled up. Now when I say he leveled, his mentoring level stayed the same, but his max level went up to 43. When I leveled, he needed to actually set his level equal to mine again, so he changed it to 33.

This is actually a reverse method of the sidekick feature offered by City of Heroes. In CoH, you mentor someone else, and they become one level below you, for as long as they are your sidekick. I actually prefer this method, but it leaves open an exploit...

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