Rift: Semi-Perma Invisibility for Rogues exploit

At first, I wasn't sure how I managed to do this. And really I am not sure who all it affects, however I was able to make my character completely invisible in Rift, even from the people I was hunting with.  Not even my mount was seen by them, except for the fire effect of my mount, on it's hooves. However, mobs weren't affected - I presume because of the aggro effect. I am not sure if this works the same way in PvP, or if it could be used in warfronts or not. But it is repeateable, so someone should be able to test in PvP.

I don't have screenshots, sorry. I tried to take a screenshot of my character, but nothing showed up, to prove I was well and truly invisible, more like someone would simply figured I was either hacking or faking anyways. This is one of those seeing is not-believing kinda things.

Note: Stealthing and un-Stealthing did not remove the effect.

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