Rift: Basics to making Platinum guide

The highest currency level in Rift is of course platinum, because it’s a new game, many things are going to change…possibly very quickly. There are still some very good tips to getting a lot of Rift Platinum. As with any game, materials are continually high in value and crafted items aren’t. This can be due to the sheer number of players who push to level up their professions and raise the bids on the resources, making crafters have to sell for a loss in many instances.

By choosing all three gathering professions, i.e. Foraging, Butchering and Mining, you may not fall victim to that cycle and you can gather gems, herbs, leather, minerals and wood as you quest and level up. As these don’t have much value at first, players will still be earning platinum and  following that, will begin buying these materials. And there’s always banking your materials to sell at a later time.

Rift 1-50 Defiant Guardian Leveling Guides & Class BuildsWhen players begin to leave the beginner’s zones behind and level up professions, in turn the price of those beginner ores will rise. You can also use the 1-2 types of materials to level up your own profession for nothing and in turn, sell at the auction house those that you don’t use.


Top players who have a high level of craft will profit as they level their crafts and those players lower, will have a very hard time. Not only that but crafters will have to compete with quests when it comes to selling gear.

Now there are three types of items which you can profit from: ranged weapons – bows and guns, two-handed weapons, and runes – from runecrafting.

This is because two-handed weapons and ranged weapons don’t come up a lot  in questing, where 1-handed weapons and staves are continually upgraded for callings that use such weapons. Be aware that from level 20-30 there’s going to be a shortage of these weapons.

If you choose to be a weaponsmith, you’ll be crafting items such as the Iron Hunting Rifle and then selling them for very good profits. It’s a green-quality weapon, but it’s going to be good enough to earn from 75 gold to 1 platinum probably for the first few weeks before things change.

If you choose to be a runecrafter you’ll be able to make a good profit too, because runecrafters don’t compete with quests when it comes to selling runes. A downside to that is that lots of players won’t be searching for runes because they’ll replace their gear often.

If you’re going to level up with runecrafting it’s going to be expensive, but the first person to max level will turn a nice profit by selling top-level runes to those players who are just getting to 50, and are dressing their characters in runes.

Since armor is always provided in quests, you’ll have a hard time selling those.

So…if you’re not a game-addict and playing all the time, you won’t make any good money in crafts. Just a note of caution.

Dropped Items

Sometimes during a game’s release phase item drops have the capacity to be very valuable and I would guess in Rift, it’s going to be no different. Lots of players get into purchasing bind-on-equip blue and purple-quality pieces of gear and are usually ready to pay a very decent amount for them.

In that vein, resist the urge to equip these pieces yourself. Despite what we may feel, Rare and Epic items at lower levels in the game are not as good as we may think. But keep in mind that within a couple of levels, uncommon – green – quality pieces are able to catch up to value of rare and epic pieces.

Save yourself the wasted currency and sell them instead of equipping them. Remember that once you have equipped bind on equip pieces, that’s it!

Last Thoughts

1. Take all three gathering professions so that you are able to make extra currency while you are leveling up.

2. If you DO decide to pick a craft, you will have to play all the time to make any money with it.

3. Remember that both Runecrafters and Weaponsmiths are going to potentially make you the most money (but at a greater cost) – also take note that ranged weapons and two-handed weapons are going to be rarer than shields, wands and one-handed weapons.

Since you can upgrade them faster from questing – sell your bind on equip rare and epic pieces.

These tips will enable you to make a good amount of extra platinum and you’ll be able to hit level 50 with no money problems.

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