Rift: Cleric Overview of Mechanics, Strengths, & Weaknesses

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Rift’s Cleric is a very popular calling but there’s also a number of players who would like to play it but are unsure about what exactly Cleric does, what its strengths and weaknesses are and most importantly – is it a class they want to play. That’s the aim of this article – to show what Cleric does and doesn’t do and point out roles Cleric can play in Rift.

What Exactly is a Rift Cleric?

As we’ve talked about previously, the Cleric is Rift’s primary healer and can do a multitude of things. Cleric has a number of melee-oriented souls and although it’s technically a caster, Cleric can wear chain which is the second strongest armor after plate.

Due to this, Cleric can deal out very good melee damage which is a big plus for playing solo and for leveling up. And as far as PvP, Cleric has a pair of great damage-inflicting souls. I know it’s always “damage dealing”, but I hate having to use a term over and over and over….unless it’s a complete necessity. Sorrry…back to the Cleric!  (; 0

Cleric is a highly defensive persona who doesn’t have to give up its healing abilities for being such a strong defense character, as such allowing it to be the game’s top healing soul without equal.


Most of the Cleric’s abilities require mana which turns the Cleric in the customary role as a caster. It’s mana re-vitalization abilities aren’t as strong as say for Mage, and you need to be careful if you heal too much as you may just run out of mana. On the plus side – Cleric prospers with the Wisdom stat which will boost mana revitalization and ramp up its spell power. You’ll have quick passive mana revitalization if your Cleric is geared extremely well.


As we know, the principle strength of the Cleric is it’s abilities to heal. As stated previously, Cleric rules Rift as the best healer and it’s the one to choose if you want to play as a primary healer. One area of Cleric’s game-play is that it’s hard to kill off, although its damage output is of low levels and Cleric is very good at soloing.

You’ll get strong, instant healing abilities which will let you take on several enemy combatants at the same time and the ability to solo potent creatures from Rifts and Invasions if your Cleric plays Justicar. The ability to stay alive is a great one and you really have to be looking to be killed to die as a Cleric.

And when it has to, Cleric can tank very well also. Warriors will probably be the prime tanks for raiding, but there’s no reason Justicar wouldn’t be able to tank say, a 5 man dungeon when it has to.

One of the better aspects regarding the Cleric is its PvP tree – the Inquisitor and Purifier makes a heck of strong combination.


Cleric deals the least amount of damage of the classes but to level things out, it’s the top healer and has a great life expectancy. Two of its weaknesses are melee PvP and DPS.

For group PvP, you’ll have to grab up a caster-directed spec and the melee builds aren’t worth much during Warfronts, but they succeed at leveling. Back to the melee build – Clerics don’t put forth enough healing and don’t deal out damage very well thus making them not a choice selection in that regard.


The Cleric can take part in just about every aspect of the game as long as it is specc’d right. And it’s a great class but….. if you’re looking for a class to deal extreme damage, Cleric isn’t what you want. I’m sure with the info you get from these articles, you’ll find the class that fits your plans exactly!

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