Rift: Closed Beta first look

I managed to get into a 3 day, closed beta event. It started on Tuesday, and ends on Friday. So far, I am impressed! It is however, a lot like Warhammer. The rifts are basically group events which happen often. They are not events you can solo, not even low level, with a mid-high level character. Just like in Warhammer, they give rewards based on the amount of healing and damage you do.

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I can tell already, that this game is trying to pull the best of everygame, and put it in theirs. There are collector items, much like in EverQuest 2. Items you will find randomly and put into their proper collection slots. There are achievements and reputation gains. There are titles as well. Thus far however the only titles I have gained were for novice gathering skills. Not something I am going to flaunt.

I started with a Cleric master class, and chose to go the tree of the Druid. Unlike in WoW, were it's simply 1 of 3 trees you can go with, there are a few for each class. I have chosen to invest in Shaman and Druid talents thus far. Placing points in a talent tree also unlocks spells you can learn, use, and upgrade when you level up. My cleric is wearing Chain mail (much like the D&D Cleric), and unlike the cloth wearing ones, or leather wearing druids.

There are mounts in the game, but at this point, it's a bit beyond my means. The coin starts as silver, gold, and platinum. A basic horse costs a bit over 2 platinum. I do not yet have enough to get this. I did however choose 3 gathering skills. I do not yet know if when the game goes gold, you will have the option for all 3 (WoW had 4 in beta, and 2 when it was launched). I have gathered and simply vendored everything. I offered the items for free, but no one seemed to want them.

There is  PvP in the game, but this far seems to be more like Realm vs Realm. Would be nice to be able to flag true PvP at least.

Also missing, so farm is any kind of player housing. While it's nice to have a guild castle, having at least some place to call my own, would be very nice as well, someplace to show off my battleworn trophies.

Having played around 12 hours or so, I have seen that the game is not yet finished, but the state of the game thus far is pretty impressive. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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