Rift: Free to use Leveling & Anti-AFK bots

If you are familiar with Angel bot, for Aion, then you will already be familiar with the developers of this new Rift bot. While it’s in beta, it’s free to use, for anyone.  Currently this Rift bot supports pre-attack (buffs/debuffs), attacks, healing, and looting. Also supports dual-boxing, where the bot will kill what you target. There are a few other features, as listed;

  • Profiles for each char with their own settings
  • PreAttack, Attack, and Healing systems
  • Waypoint system, including editor
  • Sentry system
  • Assist mode (target a mob and have bot kill it)
  • Shows stats such as deaths, kills, exp an hour, target/player stats ect
  • Melee and Ranged attack styles
  • Looting system
  • Background mode (in development)
  • Bot shutoff timer

You can get the bot here… This content is for members only.


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