Rift: How to make Platinum in Rift

Someone recently asked me, how to make Plat in Rift. He has each of the gathering skills, but has only about 13 Plat at level 30. So, I am going to explain some of the basics, on how to make Plat, including how I do my pricing on artifacts listings.


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The most important thing about making money, is understanding that anything which has a white, green, blue, or purple title, is useful to someone. A grey item is a junk item, and can safely be sold to a vendor. White items are common items which have some use to someone, and will usually get some value. Green is usually a item which can have some stats on it. While uncommon might not fetch much of a value over common items. Blue is a rare item, these items can depending on the item itself, go for a few plat - they have better then average stats on them. Purple items are epic, and extremely rare. These items will have the best stats and should go for the most on the Auction House.


A Trademule, is a character which you level up, and take to the nearest major city, which has a mailbox, auction house, vendor, and bank, all nearby. We send anything which isn't bound and isn't junk, to our trademule to list on the Auction House or vendor/salvage when appropriate. It's a good idea, to seed your Trademule with a few plat. This will allow the mule to list items on the AH and mail items when necessary. Otherwise you might find your mule can't list items on the AH, and will be forced to vendor items instead.

Tip: Use the trademule to also acquire items for you off the AH. This will save you time running to and from a porticulous. I like to send my characters potions which they will need. You might also consider sending weapon or gear upgrades.


As someone who wants to make some money in the game, I like to have 3 skills; Foraging, which is picking up plants and wood; Butchering, which is the skinning of animals or collecting of bones and teeth.; Mining which is the collecting of ore and gems.

These items can all be sold on the Auction House for gold and platinum. Herbs and Ore sell the best, but at higher levels, the hides can also sell well. Don't forget to sell the cloth on the AH too.

If you have a skill, such as making items, you can also check the AH, to see what sells, and then compare the cost.

Tip: When you check to see if you can make money on Tradeskills, before you go an make the items, check the current price of the mats, and see if you make more on the item, or the mats.

Puzzles and Cairns

Items from Puzzles and Cairns, is always an item you can use on your class. Sometimes these are uncommon items, but you can also get rare and epic items. If you don't plan to use them, these items can be good to list on the AH as well.

Tip: If you are on Defiant, you can level a character to level 15 in a few hours and then do the Lake of Solace Puzzles and Cairns, to get some nice loot. Flip these items on the AH, for easy gold and platinum. Repeat as often as you like.


Additionally, I also pickup artifacts. While others might think of them only as collections, I like to think of them as an opportunity to make more plat. I have a price guide, which I like to follow for these items, which I will share with you now.  Keep in mind that the cost to list each one, no matter the time, is 1 silver. So ALWAYS list them for 48 hours.

White - 25g bid, 35g buyout
Green - 50g bid, 75g buyout
Blue - 1p bid, 3p buyout
Purple - 3p bid, 8p buyout

That's only a rough price list. I also consider other things when I list, such as is it only good for 1 set or 2 -or- is it a set from a Rift, are there other's also up on the AH of the same name, etc.


Generally speaking, the easiest way to find out what something is worth, is to simply search for it on the AH. If the item isn't there, but it's an armor/weapon, you can base the price on similar level items. You can price items higher if it's stat is high for the intended class (such as dexterity for leather items, which would be a rogue's item). Similarly, we price items low, for unwanted stats, like endurance on a non-tank.

When in doubt, take the offered price, triple it to make the bid price, and 1.5 the bid price, for the buyout. This is a good way to start the market out. You will be able to get a feel for what sells, and what doesn't. If an item doesn't sell, and it's an uncommon item, do not relist it, just vendor it or give to a character which can salvage the item. If it's a rare or epic item, then go ahead and relist them item.


These are only some of the ways you can make Plat in Rift, however it should be enough to get you started to making your fortune, within the game.

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